6 practical suggestions for structuring the home page of a school website

Think of the home page as the beginning of many paths. These are virtual routes mapped out within the site to encourage and guide the user’s navigation in order to provide the best possible experience. Whether it’s to give more…

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3 tips for designing a website

Are you a beginning web designer and need to figure out how to get online without being eaten up by the competition? Read below for some helpful suggestions. How to become a good freelance web designer? The job of the…

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Signs that a website has been hacked

The scary reality is that if a website’s security has been compromised by a careful, talented and well-equipped hacker, no one will ever know that the site has been hacked. However, most attackers are not well equipped, at least not…

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Choose a host according to the characteristics of a good web space

If you want to publish a website or a blog, you also have to decide at the beginning which host to choose. When we were inexperienced in this field and were searching for different hosts via Google, it was difficult…

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