Tips for taking good photos for instagram

Everyone wants to take good photos to earn money on Instagram, the trendy social network. For example, you can find in this network the inspiration for a trip thanks to the photos of those you follow or those suggested by the application. Moreover, you know that many are addicts who like to show the best pictures of their account. That's why, these few tips given below will be useful for you to make good Instagram photos.

Don't think that you don't have good photo equipment

Many people tend to think that in order to take good instagram photos, they need camera. However, this is not true. Instagram was born as an application for the cell phone in which the use of photos taken with them was the most important thing, with a sense of freshness and immediacy. While many Instagramers currently use their compact or SLR cameras and then transmit their photos to the cell phone, many who only use their phones to take photos come to have hundreds of likes. There's no excuse. Look at Kim Haggstrom or Matteo's profile, who only upload images from their iPhone.

Take care of the composition to make good Instagram photos

One of the keys to making good Instagram photos is to make a good image composition. You can apply the rule of thirds, which is to divide the screen or photo into three parts. Another good technique is to play with symmetry or make centered images. Also, if you are photographing a landscape, you can make a composition with a person or object to affirm the vastness of the place.

Vary, but keep your style

Be creative, try different types of photos, but try to create a personal brand. No one likes to see a profile with repetitive photos, but they do like to recognize that the photo is of someone they follow. So if you like selfies, take them, but also intersperse them with photos of landscapes, special moments, places in that destination you fell in love with...

Find the magic time

Light is the key to making great Instagram images. Two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset is when you're most likely to have the perfect lighting for your photography.

Main editing tool

An essential part of making good Instagram photos is editing. The app has filters and tools to modulate aspects such as exposure, contrast and saturation. However, there are other apps that work even better. Download Snapseed (iPhone, Android) or VSCO (iPhone, Android), which also have filters and editing tools. In general, photos tend to look better if you increase the brightness, contrast, lighting, sharpness, structure and mood. Then you reduce shadows and color temperature. This will give you clear, vivid images, but you must create your own style. Remember, if a skyline appears in your photo, you need to line up the photo as much as possible. On Instagram, you can do this easily. No one likes a lined photo!

Tell a story

Try to make your photo tell a story that hooks the viewer. Use both the image and the text. Those who follow you want to know a little more about what it is, when you captured it, what you are trying to say...

Follow other travelers who inspire you to improve your photography skills

Creativity is also developed through observation. Follow travelers you like on Instagram and observe their style. You don't have to copy, but you can get inspired.
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