SEO and social networks: Know how to diversify and balance your traffic

Google's natural referencing techniques do not seem to be the only option to consider in order to better rank your website. The emergence of social networks affects the optimization of a traffic on search engines. Several hundred million people use them in the world. Thus, we can not do without these tools to work on the SEO of his site.

SEO and social networks

Keywords, tags, meta title, meta description associated with a quality content remain the essential points of SEO. SEO is the ultimate basis for gaining the attention of voters in order to sell your products or services. Since there are many subscribers of social networks, take advantage of this situation to generate traffic directly or indirectly. These tools allow you to diversify your SEO. Our digital marketing strategies must evolve with technology. To be among the top 5 lists of Google's classification, SEO tricks remain crucial. The complementarity between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO seems relevant to better position oneself. Social networks do not have a direct influence on SEO. However, they help to produce some sources of traffic. They seem to be efficient to stand out and to extend your visibility. The number of shares within social networks is not considered by Google for SEO. However, the traffic created by these shares indirectly participate in SEO. Google has provided us with a paid option to rank first on its search engine. This tool produces traffic very quickly for a certain period of time until you gain notoriety.

Generate traffic and expand your audience

To generate traffic, knowledge of some information seems necessary. The sources of traffic on the Internet are categorized into 5 classes. Firstly, the organic source, it comes from the requests entered by the Internet users. It generates about 63% of the traffic on a given site. The rate of clicks on your site matters a lot to rank high in Google. Secondly, the direct URL entry on the navigation bar, it concerns 10% of the traffic. Thirdly, the referrer, it concerns the links of your site shared in other blogs. This generates 14% of traffic. Thus, the user has probably clicked on the links to reach your site. Fourthly, social, it concerns the links shared through social networks. This source reaches up to 12% of the traffic measured on a site. Fifth, the other links shared via an email or newsletter ..., they create 1% of traffic. According to these figures, social traffic seems not negligible and you must take into account its performance. Social networks are able to boost your visibility in relation to a predefined audience with a predefined budget. Organic traffic is still the pillar of your success, SEO is still essential.

Work on visibility

Social networks seem very practical to develop the visibility of his company. They allow to diversify the SEO. The campaigns seem less expensive compared to Google Adword. The distribution of an advertisement to a precise audience in an exact location remains a major asset of social networks. Please make sure that the ad campaign redirects users to your site in order to monetize the traffic. Integration in digital communities increases traffic sources. You can join Facebook, Linkedin, Google + groups... Choose the best groups that are related to your business. The referencing of your brand is easily done on social networks. With Google, Twitter has concocted an agreement in order to reference tweets in the search engine results. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your mark. Research done by a website showed that you can advance 45 points by working on social networks. Regular sharing of some content on social networks seems necessary. Don't forget to include your website link in the publications to redirect the readers. To increase social traffic, the optimization of the contents of your publications should be carefully analyzed.

Diversify traffic

The diversification of traffic sources remains a work to be done. Its goal is to perfect the ticket for the good ranking of your site on Google. You can opt for example for guest-blogging. This method is interesting because it offers an audience sharing between two websites. Therefore, it increases the "referral" source for both communities. Participate in the comments of other blogs that directly or indirectly share the same interests as yours. This last strategy seems beneficial for marketing and launching your image. Don't forget that the organic source generates 63% of a website's traffic. Social networks seem practical to work on visibility.
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