Social networks: an indirect impact on SEO?

Nowadays, the Internet is an unavoidable subject in everyday life. It is an integral part of social life. This is the birth of social networks. In everyday life, social networks are used both in the particular life of each person or in the professional world. Each social network site has its own particularity. Nevertheless, the visibility on these sites is important where the strategy of natural referencing or SEO is carried out. Before getting into the heart of the matter, it is essential to talk in a few lines the characteristics of social networks.

What is a social network?

The social network is a site that occupies an important place in the daily life of each person. In particular, its purpose is to connect friends or work colleagues in order to share knowledge or passion. Currently, it is a virtual communication tool, because friends can share photos, send messages or personal video, meet new people. The social network, professional links are operating as finding collaborators, doing business, finding employment. Indeed, different social network sites are proposed by users. But an impact of social networks on SEO arises in the handling of the internet.

What is the purpose of a social network?

The social network occupies an essential place in the current life. It enhances the relationship with other people from far and near. This is why it implies the notion of sociability. The latter favors the establishment of friendly, family and professional activities. Thus, the social network consolidates the sociability of users. In the professional world, it represents an information mechanism to find or make commercial or professional announcements. For example, many sites are dedicated to finding a job. Thanks to these professional sites, an unemployed person can access information for job search. In the social network known as dating, it is easy to find friends or make friendly or romantic encounters. Finally, for the visibility of the site, the natural referencing favors the optimization and the improvement of the social network.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or known as SEO is a technique to improve a web project and its surroundings for the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. The SEO is a natural referencing whose objective is to optimize the quality and visibility of a website. The function of SEO extends from the improvement on the site or "on-site" and outside the site called "off site". From a general point of view, SEO proceeds on natural traffic giving natural search results and not funded search engines. This is how the natural result differs from the sponsored result. The natural SEO allows to find a better location of the site in order to facilitate the Internet users to access directly to the page. In this case, it favors the increase of visits and sales in the site page. Thanks to this SEO, the website owner can benefit from direct traffic resulting from the search engine but also from indirect traffic deriving from social networks. Currently, SEO ensures the protection of the site to avoid spam. To benefit from SEO optimization, the latter sets three main axes such as the technique used on the visibility of the site, the content of the site and the popularity. The imperative of this SEO is to be able to appear in first position on the first page of the search engine like Google when a user enters a keyword of his search. One of the biggest advantages of this is the durability of the site's ranking. The latter always remains in the first place until the arrival of another competition.

What is the impact of social networks on SEO?

To implement a web-marketing strategy, SEO and social networks are important. Social networks are a means of communication and sharing. The more people share information, the more likely a site is to be cited. In this case, SEO depends on the social network. A priori, the sharing of a content on social networks ensures the increase of the visibility of the site on the web. Indeed, the search engine does not take into account the activity on social networks. However, the latter indirectly influences the natural referencing thanks to the sharing of website content. The use of content directs Internet users to visit the site page. It is just necessary to develop the publications by targeting the Internet users who will be likely to share the content of the website. To conclude, social networks have an indirect impact on SEO.
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