Survey on the influence of social networks on users

Key findings

78 active social network users who participated in our survey said they are considering giving up social networks Top reasons users want to give up social networking: You are tired of wasting time - 39% You don't like to be monitored by the IT giants - 30 Main reasons why users stop using social networks 62% want to keep in touch with friends and family Users generally welcome the idea of a solution to control their digital moments (28%), but would like to see how well it fits The three most important features of such a service from the user's perspective: The ability to restrict access to the digital profile by third-party apps and services - 50% Strong encryption of stored data - 46 Special tool for flexible design of stored information - 34%.


Have you ever thought about giving up social networks? An overwhelming majority (78%) admitted that you have. A small portion went even further and said they actually hated social networks. More than 17% had never thought about leaving social networks. These results were fairly consistent across all countries where the survey was conducted

Why should users consider leaving their social networks?

The main reason is the growing feeling among users that they waste too much time on social networks. The second most important reason is that they don't want the IT giants to monitor their every move online. However, the two main reasons were not the same in all the countries you studied. The main reason for staying on social networks was the desire to stay in touch with friends and family. The second main reason was that they wanted to share their digital memories online, and they felt that social networks were the best place to do so. One in six respondents (18%) reported using social networking accounts to connect to other web services. With such a service, users would have the freedom to do whatever they want with their online account without losing access to their digital memories, regardless of the login status or mood of the social network moderator, or to abandon the social network without losing anything from their digital profile. On average, most users chose the option to do so, but it depends on the suitability of the tool (28%). However, the second most popular option, having your own backup seems to be a good idea (22% on average).

What features would they value in such a tool?

50 of them mentioned the ability to restrict access to digital memories by third-party applications and services as the most important feature. However, this was not the case in all countries. The most popular option was special tools for flexible design of stored information.


The survey period spanned seven weeks, from early October to mid-November. The survey, consisting of eight questions, was translated into nine languages. And the link to the survey was distributed through paid promotions. The answers to the questions what keeps you from abandoning the social network and which premium features of the service might interest you were based on multiple choices. The gender distribution of respondents was also uneven across all countries, with an average of 68% male and only 29% female (3% chose not to disclose). Finally, the significant proportion of responses other regarding questions about getting off social media and the reasons why they don't.
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