How to customize notifications on Facebook?

Facebook notifications cluttering up your email, smartphone or desktop can distract you from the things that really matter. Fortunately, there's a solution. Find out how to customize your notifications in your account settings and how to choose when you get them.

1. Notifications for the desktop version

To access the notification settings for the regular desktop version, click Settings in the left-hand menu and select Notifications. In the About Facebook section, click Edit. You'll then see a long list of different notification groups, categorized thematically by content type (birthdays, markers, group activity, etc.). For example, you can start by deciding whether you want to receive notifications and messages with an acoustic notification. A little further down, you will find the Activities section that concerns you, these settings are configured by default and cannot be changed. This means that you will always be notified when you are tagged in a message or when one of your messages is commented on. For birthdays, close friends' activities as well as new local pages, the settings can easily be turned on or off. Customization of live video notifications is a bit more flexible. By default, you'll not only receive notifications about live streams from friends or communities you subscribe to, but also recommendations from Facebook based on the social network's magical algorithms. If you prefer to receive fewer notifications, but don't want to miss your friends' live videos, check the Suggestions box. This way, you'll only receive live video notifications from friends and groups. If you are not interested in live video at all, just check the All box. You can separately define who you want to receive notifications about tagged posts and photos: everyone, friends, or friends of friends. Under Pages to Manage, Group Activities, and Application Requests and Activities, you can enable or disable notifications for a specific group, page, or application. Under This Day, you can select the events you want to be reminded of: all memories, highlights, or none.

2. Application Notifications

Many users are not particularly enthusiastic about the Facebook mobile app, as it clutters their smartphones with notifications. But even in this case, the settings can be configured to receive only the most important notifications. The app settings are a little different, but for those who use social media primarily on their smartphones, the interface has been chosen to be extremely user-friendly. To open the notification settings, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner and go to help. Just like in the desktop version, notifications are grouped by theme in the notification settings. By tapping on one of the categories for example, Activities about you, you can enable or disable push, email and SMS notifications for each of those categories. If you tap Push under how to receive notifications, you can decide if you want to receive notifications and if so, whether they will be audible, vibrating or LED alerts. If you don't want to be distracted by Facebook, you should disable all three.

3. Email notifications

For many, Facebook notifications become a curse when dozens of unread messages pile up in your inbox at once. Most of them probably don't interest you, but you can still receive notifications such as birthday reminders from your friends. By default, Facebook subscribes you to all topics. When using the mobile application, you can subscribe to certain topics. For the desktop version, the notification settings for the email address are slightly different. Updates here cannot be subscribed to by topic as with the mobile app. However, you can choose to receive general content-related notifications or only security and privacy-related notifications. You can also change individual notification settings for comments on your live videos and notifications about offers you have saved. Notifications are grouped by topic, giving you an overview of the content provided by Facebook. Also, don't forget to configure your security and privacy settings on Facebook appropriately.
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