Facebook and privacy settings: how to integrate them well?

After explaining the first steps after registering on the platform in the first part of this series of articles on Facebook, we will now move on to the privacy settings.

How do you change your privacy settings?

Facebook privacy settings play a major role for private profiles, so you should take care of them as soon as you open your page. Many users are concerned that their posts will be seen and read by everyone (friends and non-friends alike), even those who won't need to see them such as employers, relatives, neighbors or just people they don't like. Fortunately, you can set up your profile to prevent certain people from seeing your News Feed and Diary. To change these Facebook settings, click the little arrow pointing down in the blue horizontal navigation and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. Under "Settings" you will find other features that allow you to better manage your profile, such as "General" or "Security and Login".

How do I manage my privacy settings?

In the "Privacy" management menu, you can control who can see the activities (messages, publications...) on your page. Depending on the situation, several options are available: Public: everyone can see your posts, including people you are not connected to through a Facebook friendship Friends: your friends on Facebook, i.e. anyone who has sent you a friend request or whose friend request you have accepted Friends except: Selecting this option will bring up a window listing all of your friends. To the right of their name is an icon with a minus sign. If you click on it, that friend will be locked (the icon will turn red) and will no longer see your messages and posts. This allows you to prevent certain people from seeing your page and your activities on Facebook. People: This option gives you the opportunity to allow certain friends to view your profile or Page. For example, if you have 320 friends and you only select 25 to view your activity, the other 295 will be excluded. This option also allows you to communicate with a select group of friends. If the other 295 friends have selected "Friends" in their activity settings, you will see their posts in your News Feed even if they can't see yours. My Friends Only: You can also make your posts visible only to you. However, the usefulness of this option is not mentioned. Personalized: This is the last option in the "activities" section. Here you can include or exclude a list of friends that you have previously defined. To create a list of friends on your Facebook homepage, click on "Friend lists" in the left-hand column under "Discover". After clicking it, you can create friend lists and assign friends to them.

Who can see you and contact you?

Who can send you friend requests? If you want to be found by all Facebook users, you must change the setting to "All". The second option available is "Friends of Friends". Who can see your friends list or profile information? The recommended choice is "Just me". Other options are Public, Friends, Non-friends and Custom. Note: Even if you set the value to "Just me", your friends will still be able to see the number of friends shared on your profile. Who can search for you using the information you provide (email address, mobile number...)? It is recommended that you choose the "Friends" option, but you can also choose Everyone or Friends of Friends. The same goes for the phone number.

Privacy settings for posts

If you have configured your privacy settings, you can always choose to change them when you post your messages, photos or videos. On your page, you have the freedom to decide who should see each of your posts. For example, if you choose "Public" for your latest post, it will also be visible to non-friends when they visit your profile.

Other important settings

In the settings you will also find the section "Blocking". Here you can prevent individual friends or entire groups of people from viewing your posts. Blocking or locking means that the person, site or application will no longer be able to contact you, view your posts in the chronicle, invite you to events or groups, etc. The "Subscribe" button on the profile allows other Facebook users (who are not your friends) to subscribe to your posts set as "Public" and see them in their News Feed. If you don't want this feature, you can turn it off in the "Public Posts" section of settings. There you will be able to see a list of additional options for setting your public comments, notifications and public profile information.

Logging and identification

Under the "Journal and Login" section, you can determine who can post in your journal (only you or also your friends). Very useful, consider the "Check what other people see in your journal" option under "Check". If you click on "See from", your profile will be displayed as it appears to the public, i.e. from the non-friends' point of view. This view is very useful, because you can check if there is data displayed that should not be visible to the public. If this is the case, you will have to adjust the settings again. You can also hide posts on your profile from being seen by certain people or groups using Facebook's privacy settings.
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