Create your own fan page on Facebook

For a long time now, Facebook has offered the possibility to integrate individual content pages on a Facebook fan page by creating a Facebook application in the Facebook developer area. To integrate such a page, you need at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS if you want to insert static pages into the Facebook business appearance or if you integrate pages from a WordPress installation. This also works.

Facebook layouts

Meanwhile, professionally designed Facebook layouts are also available from leading theme and template providers such as Themeforest and Templatemonster. All you have to do is enter your own content, insert your logo and possibly adjust the colors. For this, you need at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. But a lot of users have these skills. Of course, you need an external storage space for the content, where you save the content and then integrate it into Facebook. If you already have a web presence, there is no problem anyway to create a sub-folder in your web space and store the files there. In addition, you need an SSL certificate for your domain, which you should purchase from your web host or another provider. Otherwise, embedding external content on your Facebook fan page using an application will not work. The advantage of this procedure, which will be explained here, is that you are for once independent of third-party providers, because your files stay with you.

What happens if the service you are using suddenly no longer exists?

Ultimately, this means that the pages you created are lost and you have to start over. Plus, these third-party applications require access to your personal data and friends list, as well as permission to post on your behalf, which no one usually likes. But in the end, everyone can decide for themselves, whether they want to share their personal data or not. Don't denigrate the services, after all, they allow many interested people, to quickly and easily integrate content pages into their Facebook presence. Nevertheless, the variant explained here is preferable, even if it can be more complex.

The different steps to follow to create an individual Facebook fan page

In this tutorial, it is assumed, that you already have a Facebook fan page, because it will be described only the steps to create a Facebook application. To include your own content tabs in the Facebook page and to perform this first step, go to In the top right corner, you will find the button "Create a new application". Click on it. A window with the title "Create a new application" will open. Enter the title of the content page you want to create in the Application Name field. If you want to include a newsletter page, enter Newsletter (website). If you manage several Facebook customizations and want to assign individual content pages to them, you should also enter the website name, in the application name so that you don't lose track of your applications later on and always know which Facebook page the respective application belongs to. You can leave the application namespace field empty and subcategory of application. You can select a theme that matches your Facebook page. But you don't necessarily have to select anything here either. Then click Next. A security check will take place: enter the captcha code and click Next again.

Configuration of the application

Now continue with the application settings. In the new window, you don't need to fill in many things. First disable the sandbox mode, because after all, you want all Facebook users to see your content page. In sandbox or test mode, only the administrator can test the app. Copy the App-ID and App-Secret. The codes are located at the top of the app title. You have already entered the display name in "Create a new application" with the application name. You just need to fill in the field under Page Tab Name. The page tab name is the name that is displayed under the page tab on your Facebook page. The page tab address is the URL where your HTML content page is located. It is best to create a sub-folder for this purpose on your web space. Enter the same page tab address in the "Secure Page Tab Address" field, except it starts with https instead of http. Page Tab Image by Page Tab Use the "Edit" link to upload another 111×74 pixel image for the tab. On this image you can write the title of the page as shown here in the "Footprint" example and adjust the color graphic to match your CI colors. The graphic can be in .gif, .jpg or .png format.

Leave the normal value of 810 pixels set as the Width of the Page tab

When you click "Save Changes", the application is created and activated. Facebook specifies a certain size for the external fan page. The width of the page is 810 pixels and the height is 800 pixels. But if the height of the page exceeds this value, you need to insert the JavaScript code into the source code of the fan page, otherwise a scroll bar will appear on the right side of the fan page, which is not very nice. In addition, your HTML page needs the Facebook application ID. Therefore, enter the JavaScript code under the body of the opening tag and replace the template text YOUR APP-ID with your App-ID. Make sure there are no spaces between the apostrophes and your ID.
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