WordPress : how to create a professional photo portfolio ?

WordPress, how to create a professional photo portfolio
Recently, some bloggers have decided to abandon wix in favor of a custom domain with a better hosting space on which the famous WordPress CMS is loaded.

Why choose to create a professional photo portfolio with WordPress?

This decision depends mainly on 4 reasons: 1. Buying a domain on one of the many hosting services is considerably cheaper than wix 2. Respecting bloggers or any other free service is much more customizable 3. Better features, more attractive and more graphically efficient 4. Better gallery management The first rule of a portfolio is immediacy. This is the first thing to find. Indeed, not dynamic graphics with light effects and flash animations, the important thing is that there are galleries, a "Curriculum" section and a form to contact you.

First steps to create a portfolio with WordPress

Buy a domain with at least 2 gigs of web space, as a hosting service We recommend a domain name that is not too complex, because it will be what you give to people you know, and verbally saying a very long name is not the best. Once you buy the domain will spend at least a day before it is actually online, you can start thinking about how to divide your photos into galleries, I suggest you don't upload too much on each of them and only put the best of your work, be very selective! Don't upload the photos in full resolution, resize them to 1800 pixels per side and set a quality of "10" with photoshop (you won't notice the difference but the files will weigh much less). Files that are too large will slow down the site too much and end the space you purchased before time. It is also necessary to resize many photos, make batches with photoshop and free software

How to create a portfolio with WordPress?

Once the domain is activated, you will receive access data to the website control panel, there will be a wordpress installation directly from there, under "applications", for the more geeky there is of course the possibility to install it via FTP. To learn how to use wordpress you can refer to one of the many guides you can find by searching on google, you need to find an appropriate theme, you can use a free template called touchfolio (clicking on the link will take you to the developer's site where there is a video that will explain how to install and use it) but if you want something more complex or attractive you can take a look at other sites. Look in the plugins for the contact form to place on your site, do not insert the email directly. All that's left to do is create your own galleries and advertise your site on facebook and social networks. Do not underestimate the possibility of printing business cards to give to prospects. For best results, you can use a wordpress extension and a portfolio extension. Portfolio elements enhance wordpress themes. It is advisable to download theme if necessary. Your portfolio page should meet your expectations and your image. The theme price can depend on several points. It will depend on the design and the tools used. The layout should not be ignored. By turning to the premium price, you will have choices between several categories more convincing. Your decision will depend mostly on your project.
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