Why perform an SEO audit of your site?

In the business world, a web page is more than just a tool for advertising. It represents you to the mass market as well as to your target audience, the general public. In other words, your website is your image. To have a chance to break into the business and gain notoriety, it must be visible. Here are the main advantages of SEO audits.

The basics: perform an audit to have a good SEO strategy

In technical jargon, this means: to be well referenced. How to get a better SEO on the internet? Apart from SEO optimization, the quickest way is the SEO audit. An SEO audit is the document by which an SEO specialist evaluates your site by analyzing it through about 40 questions. What is an SEO audit? According to the professionals, SEO audits are essential supports for companies. Especially for commercial companies. They allow to realize an exhaustive analysis of websites. This by evaluating all the weak points that there may be. For example, in the case of a lack of visibility compared to competitors. When should an SEO audit be performed? Such a process must be done beforehand. In a simpler way, it must be done before the content is put online. The principle is the following: prepare the ground in order to have a solid foundation from the beginning. This technique is an excellent way to build your SEO in an efficient and natural way. In the case of an already existing site, it is a matter of intervening to detect the blocking factors or the flaws that prevent you from being ranked among the best and from being among the first five on search engines.

Essential: to differentiate yourself from your competitors

How to differentiate yourself from your competitors? On the Internet, the important thing is not to exist, the important thing is to be unique to quickly gain visibility. To do this, you must use all the existing means and techniques. Among them are SEO audits. What is the importance of the audit? Carried out according to the rules of art, it allows to update the most important elements: the keywords. Know that the success of your SEO depends solely on the effectiveness of keywords. How to choose your keywords? The best advice is to follow the three C's rule. In other words, choose a combination of short, clear and concise terms. For example, for a sales site specializing in the field of advanced technology, it is necessary to emphasize the terms related to this theme. A combination of two to three words maximum is sufficient.

How does an SEO audit work?

The realization of SEO audits revolves around three phases. The determination of the context of your site, the determination of your demands. Without forgetting to set objectives that are related to your business. How to determine the context of your website? The specialist will operate by way of a thorough analysis in order to identify possible shortcomings that could be at the origin of a bad referencing. The points to check during this first phase are: the structure, the volume, the technical base and the popularity rating. As for the second phase, its purpose is to determine the customer's request. In this case, yours. It is a question here of identifying your needs as a company. This will allow you to improve your performance. Don't forget the most important phase of the process: setting relevant objectives. On the internet, it is about visibility, notoriety and audience.
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