What tools should be used to monitor the positioning of a website on Google?

In the endless list of SEO tools, there is a large number of tools for tracking positioning on Google. Everyone wants to know the position of his site and that of his competitors. You often wonder how many positions you have gained in the Google rankings. You can easily get answers to all these basic questions as long as you arm yourself with the right google ranking tool. Discover in the following article, the right tools to use for tracking your website's ranking on Google.


In general, professional websites (such as e-commerce and companies for example) and SEO agencies use this tool to perform a positioning analysis on google thanks to the lexical audit. The latter allows you to follow your positioning as well as those of your competitors, referring to the same keywords. This device has a one month trial offer. Visit octopulse.io for more information.

The free software Free Monitor for Google

This tool allows you to monitor the positioning of a large number of keywords for various domains. Easy to install, it is intuitive to use and offers useful configuration options for all (SEO experts and amateurs). You can, indeed, proceed without any limitation, to the follow-up of the positioning of your site, thanks to this software. It allows you to follow a list of specific URLs or keywords in order to analyze the positioning of your site as well as that of your competitors. In the option menu, you can set up a proxy, in order to avoid blocking and detection of your IP address, in relation to too many searches. This way, if you follow several keywords, you will not be limited. You can also configure the depth of analysis with respect to the keyword positions. You can also import your files via a txt file and benefit from an automatic backup of all the results, so that your work is preserved in any circumstance. Despite the fact that this free tool has a lot of features, it also has some limitations. This analysis is only done on google search engines. As far as the level of tracking is concerned, the comparison is made with the latest study.

The free SEO SOFT tool

This free google position tracking software has more or less the same features as Free Monitor for Google. Practical and simple, it offers many significant bonuses. The keywords and those of your competitors set, this tool, like the previous software, brings you a complete analysis with precision of the position of the url positioned, the keyword, the best position gained and the evolution. With a more visual interface, it offers evolution graphs in terms of positions of all the keywords. A feature that allows a more playful and simple interpretation of your results. You can also choose the exact moment for which you want to observe the evolution, and then export the data in several formats (HTML, PDF, etc.) in a personalized report. To retrieve the exact number of visitors, it offers a synchronization with Google Analytics. This powerful free tool offers analysis only for the Google engine. The list of URLs and keywords is indeed limited to 20 for URLs. It is perfectly feasible to carry out an IP address simulation in a foreign territory, but if you have an international referencing strategy, you will not be able to obtain a reliable view of your position in the targeted territory.

The free SEOSCOPE tool

Launched in 2009, this free tool published by the North Side of the Net is one of the most recognized and appreciated software in the world of SEO. It is one of the perfect tools to monitor the daily positioning of a site on Google. It is used in a very simple way, in only a few clicks, you can access the results of positionings and the evolutions of your keywords as well as those of your competitors while profiting from a greater facility in the way of managing the reports (sending, formatting, etc). The latter allows you to follow the expressions on a large number of engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Voila. It allows you to observe the evolution of the results you have obtained over 12 months while analyzing the keywords by counting them in the Top (from 1 to 30). The configuration of search profiles that allow you to determine which engines to consult for different languages is an ideal asset. You will certainly appreciate its main features as well as its multi-engine analysis, but its free version is limited by the analysis of only three addresses.
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