What to choose between natural and paid search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two different SEO techniques but have the same objective: to generate more traffic on search engines. This document contains relevant explanations on the particularities of these 2 types of referencing and information to make the right choice between these 2 methods.

The natural referencing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of methods aimed at optimizing the visibility of a website in the search results pages. The natural referencing, also known as seo, consists in listing a website in the search results on a well-chosen keyword expression according to the services or products offered by a company or on a keyword. To reach the first page of Google, it is essential to put the website in relation with the regulations of the search engines and to have a content strategy that is perfectly suited to the targeted keywords. For your information, if you want to find an SEO consultant in Limoges who is able to intervene in the whole region of France, be sure to consult a directory of SEO Online consultants. Being a professional SEO consultant, he is able to point you in the right direction. The characteristic of the Seo is that the results of the actions carried out are felt only during a few months on the traffic, the duration that Google references your pages and confronts them with the others. These actions are numerous to mention only the netlinking, the technical improvement (Off-site and on-site) and particularly the elaboration of quality text contents which is now part of the primordial criteria of referencing. If you want to take advantage of this method to perfectly optimize your website, why not choose a seo agency to take care of it?

The paid referencing

Unlike SEO, paid search engine optimization or SEA consists in referencing a website in the first pages of search engines but this technique requires the purchase of a keyword or a keyword phrase to the auctions on the distribution networks like Google Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored links, Bing Ad center, etc.. The goal is to put the right license on the keywords with a better targeting to have a better visibility. SEA is sometimes a choice to consider to fill the gap in SEO. Rather than waiting for your website to be placed in a desired position or when you have not yet recovered your notoriety, SEA is a simple and quick technique to be visible on search engines. Moreover, if you have an appropriate budget, you have the right to quickly reach the first page of Google.

So, natural or paid referencing?

This again depends on the marketing goals of your website. Many will at least tend to advocate SEO optimizations especially if they adopt Inbound Marketing strategies. It is difficult to give an objective point of view especially since it will depend on the context and some criteria.
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