What is the classification of sites eligible for Google news?

Just like a classic preparing machine, Google news applies a counterfeit to browse articles, index and rank them. Nevertheless, the Google bot-new does not systematically assimilate all the recommended articles on the internet to arrange them in the aggregator. It conscientiously selects each content according to eligibility tests. The contents not condemned to the event are mechanically expelled from Google news. Moreover, precise and procedural fines are opposed by the search machine to punish the sites that offer articles of atrocious quality and that apply unsuitable SEO techniques: synthetic links, satellite pages. How to be eligible for Google news? You have to respect certain conditions related to content, ethics and liquidation, forced by the search engine. Therefore, one must assign content that provides exclusive information on recent facts, and news releases in the smallest reprieve. The trainers, the suggestions of work and the articles of type advertisement cannot be indexed in the aggregator.

How to be eligible for Google news

In order to be able to gain a clear ranking on Google news and to take advantage of the aggregators for the progression of the activity on the Internet, it is mandatory that the site is eligible. To do this, it is necessary to meet certain conditions related to content, ethics and liquidation, forced by the search engine. There are relative rules in its contents as its name proclaims, Google news is especially dedicated to the news. Therefore, it is necessary to assign contents that provide exclusive information on recent facts, and the communiqu├ęs in the smallest reprieves. The trainers, the suggestions of work and the articles of type advertisement cannot be indexed in the aggregator. Regardless of the splendor of the contents and the information they offer, Google actuality methodically previews the completion of mimeographed articles to concede the successes to the internet users.

The most rational and advance the user experience

Each content that plots to associate in this mission must be alone and the sources, if any, must generally be cited. In case the site assiduously an article representing duplicate findings, it is strongly suggested to deny its entry to Google bots-news using a robot file. To note that the machine and the classic search of Google frequently condemns a duplicated content by significantly minimizing and visibility on the pages of result. On Google news, any replication leads brutally to an expulsion from the SERPs as another condition related to the articles, we can invoke the accessibility. In order to assert the classification of content, exclusive attention must be paid to spelling and grammar. In affirmation of articles filled with silliness asserts a lousy reading convenience, value, greatly reduce their classification assets on Google news . If Google news orders the news announcement, freed the spelling and grammar mistake, it also imposes the admiration of some ethnic rules to master a page classification. In order to cover the existence on the aggregator, first of all, it is necessary to provide information about the editorial team such as the editor's information should be free on the site as well as his account in social networks. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the attribution of false information and hide the owners of false information on the platform, Google may reject the indexing on the search machine promised the news.

The disciplines on advertising

In the viewpoint, offering a capacity user proof is much stricter than other conventional search sites that concerns communications and distinct advantageous content. In the circumstance that the page comprises of several emblems and have bad repercussions on the luxury of reading the internet users, the indexations are not validated by Google news.

The submission of applications

If the site loves all the conditions proposed by Google News, we can follow the application stage. This phase has been set up by the search engine to certify the competence of the platforms and the contents imposed by the aggregator. It involves providing a form that will be examined by the Google team. In the situation where the team does not authorize the indexation of the site in the Google log page, it sends a message by e-mail 60 days to comply with the instructions and renew the request. On the other hand, if the form is accepted, it will submit the eligible sources to the examination of the Google bots-news. For information, press releases, option contents, blog articles and satires are among the main sources accepted by the search machine dedicated to news. Techniques to implement for a good visibility on Google news. If Google news offers several contents that are only addressed to Internet users rather than to search sites, it is necessary to know that it has referencing systems that help to benefit from a better positioning. In addition, we have to implement some techniques to guarantee the indexation of the site rather than just offering the possibility of access to a better ranking.
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