Practical tools for tracking Google rankings

In order to perfect your SEO strategy, the Google positioning follow-up is a must. Today, there are many tools that allow you to do this monitoring, whether they are paid or free. With all these software, it is not always easy to find the right one. To help you, here is a selection of the best Google position tracking software.

Lighting SEO

If you want to improve your Google position gradually, Lihting SEO is what you need. This tool has the particularity of being able to track your position, that of your competitors, but also to monitor your evolution. This is done thanks to a history carefully kept by the software, allowing its user to access statistics on its performance. That's not all, because Lighting SEO allows you to effectively improve your search for new queries thanks to the keyword generator. Its interface, rather simple to use, makes it one of the most effective tools in terms of SEO software. The software's prices vary according to the type of position tracking and features required. A free trial of one week is offered, with no obligation offers.


Myposeo is one of the most used tools for Google position tracking. You have the possibility to try the software for free for 30 days, which is more advantageous than for Lighting SEO. As far as features are concerned, Myposeo offers a market analysis, SEO and SEA audit, keyword suggestion, SEO and SEA tracking and SEO reports. This very complete tool offers two types of offers: Basic and Custom. The latter allows you to choose the number of keywords and the number of credits according to your budget. If you need additional options, Myposeo offers many other features. Just contact the platform to get a custom quote for the other available options. Also, it works very well with other search engines besides Google. Among those, we find Bing, Yahoo or Baïdu.


This Google position tool is one of the most appreciated, surely because of its nature and basic features. Its success comes mainly from the fact that it is free, since it is an open-source tool, which can be installed very easily. It is available on all operating systems, and comes with an installation guide to make it even easier to use. On the official website, you can download the software directly, depending on your operating system. Serposcope allows you to follow your position, as well as that of your competitors, and this, without any keyword limitation. Its slightly old-fashioned look is less appreciated, but still has a certain charm. It is the ideal tool for those who are looking for simplicity and who do not necessarily need a sophisticated tool with many features.
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