Web marketing and traffic acquisition: the effectiveness of paid search

To benefit from a better conversion rate, it is advisable to select the right lever to reference your website on the first page of search engines. Once your visibility on the web is optimal, it will be easier for you to acquire targeted and qualified traffic on your site. Moreover, Internet users only click on links that appear on the first page of the results. Among the acquisition levers most favored by companies, there is paid referencing.

Paid search to build immediate digital visibility

The DNA of SEA (Search Engine Advertising), better known as paid referencing, is the positioning on search engine advertising results via the acquisition of sponsored links. Also called commercial links, these are similar to online advertising. They are displayed when Internet users type the purchased keywords on the search engine. With the sponsored link, your website will be immediately ranked at the top of search engines, ie above the natural results (SEO). In this case, it will be easier for you to instantly attract the attention of Internet users, but on condition that you optimize the quality of your ad. Indeed, a quality ad attracts more clicks. And the more it is favored by Internet users, the more Google will be inclined to increase its Quality Score. The effects of this acquisition lever are felt instantly, unlike natural referencing which requires time to bear fruit. This is why SEA is recommended to promote a newly created website because it has the merit of simplicity. To effectively acquire traffic, there is no need to waste time perfecting web content, nor to propose original resources. To learn more about the steps inherent in the SEA campaign, you can request the custom support of a web marketing agency.

Paid search for more precise and effective targeting

To quickly reinforce your notoriety, to boost your sales, to enrich your marketing list by e-mail, to increase the conversion rate..., so many commercial objectives in which SEA referencing plays a central role. Favouring this acquisition lever means seizing an opportunity to better understand the terms most used by Internet users to locate your products and services on the web. This way, it will be easier to find the most relevant keywords to make your targeting more precise and efficient. It is best to start with a maximum of 20 keywords in order to intelligently evaluate the effectiveness and performance of each of them and make adjustments based on the results. To further optimize the effectiveness of your SEA campaign, consider good technical targeting methods such as geographic targeting, behavioral targeting, social network targeting, time-of-day targeting, etc.

Paid search for profitability

SEA referencing is characterized by the fact that you only pay out the expected amount when Internet users click on your ad. This is called "cost per click" or CPC. Thus, it allows you to avoid wasting money on Internet users who will not even bother to be interested in your ad. What's more, this acquisition lever requires no minimum expenditure. This makes it a great asset for small businesses that want to stand out from the crowd. In addition, it only takes a few hours to set up a SEA strategy. Then, for its effectiveness to be perennial, you can constantly the results through web analytics. Thanks to the latter, it is easier to determine what works or not in your paid search campaign. However, a search engine optimization agency can help you with all the steps. Thus, your web marketing and traffic acquisition strategy will be in the hands of a seasoned professional.

Rely on complementarity for more efficiency

Of course, paid search is a powerful acquisition lever, but its effectiveness is only ephemeral. As long as you pay to reinforce your visibility, you can still benefit from its effects. But once the budget is spent, you risk disappearing immediately. Then, as time goes by, its cost can climb very quickly. This is why it is recommended to use it in conjunction with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Although these two levers are opposed, they are not at all rivals. They share a common objective: traffic acquisition. Together, they form a perfect complementarity: the SEA to immediately increase traffic during the first months of activity and the SEO to build a digital visibility on the long term. In short, the combination of these two acquisition levers allows you to set up an effective and sustainable webmarketing strategy. It could even be that commercial links can allow up to two displays for the same query.
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