The roles of an SEO consultant

Choosing an experienced web designer is a difficult task, but it is equally crucial to evaluate an SEO consultancy in terms of costs compared to the concrete results that can actually be achieved with a certain time and budget. But how can you understand the value of SEO consulting to you, and judge with your income if you can fit the costs?

Why is SEO consulting so valuable?

SEO consulting, as the name suggests, is a service offered by a search engine positioning professional to suggest practices, interventions, opinions and solutions to improve the visibility and online positioning of the client's website. The SEO consultant provides not only code optimization interventions but also a true 360-degree web strategy aimed at acquiring new customers through the potential of a site. In other words, an e-commerce could be well positioned, with good loading times, but not converting visitors due to factors that are not strictly SEO like: The SEO expert sees your site as it is, and as it should be. The SEO expert sees your website as it is, and as it should be. He or she will lead or collaborate with a number of professionals specializing in various areas of web marketing to achieve a cost-effective result based on your goals, monitor your results over time to update strategies as circumstances change, and train you on what to do to increase the profitability of your web project. An SEO quote is not something that a specialist can mass produce. It is an analysis to be built on the specifications of each business. In fact, even the simple analysis of a site is a real job, which some people are rightly paid because it takes hours (days and even weeks, in the case of large portals) of work to develop it.

What are the costs included in SEO consulting?

SEO consulting is an activity that includes different tasks but all have in common the goal of increasing the visibility and improving the usability of a website, blog or e-commerce. Among the activities that a website consultant provides are : These are, as you can imagine, very expensive activities in terms of time, effort and actual costs. Keep in mind that an SEO professional works with specialized tools (such as Semrush or Seozoom for portal analysis, or Majestic SEO for inbound link analysis) that require an annual fee to make the most of. An experienced SEO consultant also knows that he cannot be competent in all branches of website optimization, so he delegates part of the overall work to collaborators specialized in graphic design, copywriting, code development, etc. Therefore, the price of SEO consulting often includes the work of a team of professionals experienced in various fields of website promotion. The cost of SEO consulting should therefore also be considered from the perspective of broader web marketing strategies, as it usually also touches other topics such as inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. A valuable SEO consultancy offers you a starting point to design the complex of 360 degree strategies really capable of increasing the visibility of your brand online, to be then declined with the help of professionals in each field. Last but not least, there is also the continuous training that a professional SEO worthy of the name is constantly subjected to. It is a changing subject that every week, literally, also brings relevant news (just think of the substantial updates that determine the collapse or success of sites on snakes) and those who work in this field have to work for the clients and study at the same time to be able to do it in the best way possible. An SEO expert then guides you to the most appropriate strategy to monetize your blog content, to maximize the income from Adsense or its alternatives, absurd enough. He can also advise you to focus on other platforms than the website if he thinks that your competitive advantage, for example, materializes exclusively in transactions on social networks.
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