The best alternatives to Google Adsense to generate clicks

SEO is a perfect strategy for those who aim to build long-term visibility useful for making money with business websites. But it is one thing to only deal with creating websites and positioning them, another is to implement measures that can actually make money with business websites, especially through pay-per-click advertising.

When it is not possible to monetize with Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the most widely used pay per click advertising system on the web. With Google Adsense, any website owner can make their own online pages available to host other people's advertising space, in exchange for a fee based on cost per click (CPC). This type of advertising is a form of 0-cost income, so to speak, because it benefits from the visibility efforts already made in promoting the site itself and, as its notoriety increases, so do the visitors who bring the clicks. In addition, the code needed to activate the service is easily implemented, making it a monetization tool with the blog also suitable for those who do not create websites. Banners, on the other hand, take up space on the site and can make the actual content less detectable: it is therefore a matter of arbitrating between the need to ensure a good browsing experience for users and the need to get the most clicks on the inserted banner ads. Google Adsense obviously plays the role of a pillar in the field of online tools for monetizing the company's blog. However, using Google Adsense means complying with the rules imposed by the advertising giant, guidelines that for the actors of the creation of websites can be too restrictive. Google puts in place, before acceptance into the Adsense program, a strict control of 13 technical and content-related factors to determine if the application can be approved. You should know that not all companies are acceptable in the affiliate program. As you can guess, the choice of whether or not to keep Adsense advertising on your site is ultimately still discretionary on the part of Big G: so you abstractly risk seeing an interruption of the advertising service on your portal at any time. Moreover, reactivating your banned Adsense account is a hopeless task, almost impossible. Therefore, it is better that you think twice before "violating" the rules. In addition to these limitations, you should obviously keep in mind that you need to reach a good number of users who click on your ads to earn reasonable amounts of money with Google Adsense, otherwise you will have frustrated all your efforts.

Make money with advertising tools other than Google Adsense: the best alternatives

If Google Adsense links are a bit tight for you, don't despair, several alternatives are available to you: Amazon, Ebay Partner Network, Clickio, Tradedoubler or Ezoic. Amazon Amazon offers a reward system based on purchases made by clicking on a banner or an active link on your site. Given the huge amount of content available in the store for all tastes, the possibility of someone placing orders through your portal is far from minimal. Ebay Partner Network Ebay also has its own affiliate platform. As usual, it plans to reward its members with a percentage of their purchases. The value of the reward is given by a bidding system, which makes it difficult to define a priori the possible remuneration without going into the details of the products in question. Clickio Clickio is a monetization platform with the blog of the Russian group AdLabs. It has a very intuitive interface that allows you to immediately get into the perspective of this advertising channel. If you are considering Adsense as a replacement, this is definitely an alternative to keep in mind. It will certainly provide you with good revenue. Tradedoubler Tradedoubler offers a commission based on sales made through its affiliate channel (one of the most profitable in the market). The operation is similar to Amazon's: once accepted into the program, you can insert links and banners and invite your users to make purchases through them, or directly insert sales of services on their behalf. Ezoic Ezoic is the alternative to Google Adsense which is more and more used in France by website publishers since a few years. Concretely, Ezoic is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform allowing to manage the advertisements on your website. You will be able to optimize your ads to maximize revenues.
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