SEO and permalinks: how to optimize them?

After the realization of websites, blogs or e-commerce sites, clients often request SEO optimization to increase visibility on Google. This includes taking care of all individual elements of a web publishing project, from text to images, from loading times to content architecture. In particular, the URL (permalink) of web pages must be taken care of to ensure that people and search engines understand the content. Have you ever thought about how to optimize the permalink of your site's pages?

Why is it important to optimize permalinks for SEO?

The URL uniquely identifies each piece of content on a site and is intended - when defined - to provide information about the meaning of each element. Taking care to optimize page URLs is a valuable strategy that will help you increase the visibility of your content. URLs are actually file paths that clearly and accurately communicate the meaning of pages to search engines. The structures within them are both a way to communicate content to the reader and to clarify its meaning to search engine crawlers. This SEO practice allows you to make your content more understandable to Google's crawlers as they scan the web for new elements to include in their archives. Making the meaning of pages intuitive means increasing the chances of ranking for search keys that are of interest to your business. Easy-to-read URLs are as short and concise as possible, understandable to both readers and search engines.

How to optimize your page permalinks?

Keyword analysis is also very important at this stage. From the research of the most advantageous keywords for which you want to place your articles, you can choose the terms to be used not only in the text of the pages, but also as words to be inserted in the URLs. This is actually a real on-page SEO activity that helps provide a satisfactory browsing experience for its users. A permalink structure to avoid is something like:, a default string that contains numeric characters that are not very meaningful to users and especially to search engine crawlers. It does not provide any SEO benefit.
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