SEO and e-commerce: increase traffic to your site

Brand awareness, competition, engagement and conversion: four essential factors to consider in an SEO strategy to pave the way to success!

A good SEO strategy

A good SEO strategy could boost your online sales, but effective optimization could make a decisive difference and significantly increase your revenue. Very often results are delayed by the lack of involvement, during the design or restyling of the site, of professionals able to analyze and implement a real web-marketing plan. Consolidating your brand awareness, reinforcing your brand identity, increasing your visibility on search engines, never like today, are key actions for several factors: it is important to consider that competition is increasing! More and more companies are using the web as an important sales channel, just think that last year the number of e-commerce companies increased by ten percentage points compared to the previous year and if we compare the data of the last six years, we see an increase of 118%. Therefore, it becomes necessary to attract potential customers in the best possible way by convincing them of the quality of your products: engagement and conversion are your key words! SEO is a long and complex process, but it is clear that the results can be visible after months. Obtaining a privileged place in the SERP is often the result of fierce and endless battles with competitors. It is therefore essential to study the market sector in which you are inserted as well as the behavior of the leading companies in the industry, you must understand how one of your potential customers could search online for the products you sell, it is important to establish a keyword planning in order to identify a target that will lead you to monetize your products.

Measures to take

Increasing traffic to your e-commerce site becomes a consequence of various measures to be taken into account, let's see some of them: Create a functional site structure. Your site should be easily navigable. What does this mean? Correct errors and establish a hierarchical, well-organized structure without too many levels. Keep your products close to the home page, ideally with each product no more than three clicks away from the main site page. Remember, in fact, that the home page is the first page to be reviewed by search engines and is the primary source of PageRank. Publish exclusive content. Remember, content is king! The content of your site must be unique and complete. The user browsing between pages should get as much data as possible and have very clear information. It creates added value and stands out from the masses, it focuses the texts on the keywords and search intentions of the potential customer: originality and completeness are two main characteristics. Search engines easily penalize sites with duplicate and/or incorrect content. Would you surf a site with little or no information? Optimize images and videos. Over time, photographs and videos have become increasingly important in the SERPs. In addition to being a very useful source of information for the user, they are positively evaluated by search engines and, thanks to universal search, they have taken an important place in the escalation positions. Distinguish yourself from your competitors and attach original images to the products, photograph them from different angles and improve the details, trying to bring the customer closer to what he wants to buy. Increase the speed of your site. Remove all unnecessary information, publish useful and practical content for those who browse your site and improve the user experience. Your potential customers will be satisfied and happy to browse quickly. Link-buiding: quality, not quantity. Focus your link-building activity on getting quality backlinks from friendly sites. Google will reward your efforts! The importance of reviews. Give your future customers the opportunity to leave reviews on your products and easily find them on your site, 77% of people read other people's reviews before making a purchase. Would you be willing to make a purchase on a platform without reading what the buyer thinks before you? Optimize tags. The header tags, title and meta description should contain the keywords you want to place a certain page for. This is a decisive positioning aspect because the title and meta description will appear in Google's SERP snippets and could significantly increase the click-through rate of your site.
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