Optimize your SEO strategy with a specialized agency

Increasing traffic on an e-commerce site goes hand in hand with content optimization. That's why a seo agency will be a great ally to help with this task.

A specialized SEO agency in Paris, expert in the field

The SEO or natural referencing is a set of techniques allowing to be at the top of the list of search engines. Often used to increase the visibility of the contents of a website of a company, it is the subject of many requests. On the one hand, because it allows to generate a maximum of traffic and on the other hand to boost the sales of a Company. SEO requires the mastery of SEO techniques and the instructions of Google. To benefit from a highly qualified and effective SEO strategy, using the services of a specialized agency is recommended. Created in 2012 and now with 2,500 satisfied customers and 10,000 successful campaigns, Visibleo, a Paris and Brussels SEO agency, has as its motto "your digital success is our mission". Surrounded by an experienced and certified team, SEO holds no secrets for them. Small companies also have their share, Visibleo offers their professionalism to these small businesses by making them more visible on the Internet. To enhance each mission entrusted, the team tends to give the best of themselves by combining know-how and experience. Priority to excellence with a better quality-price ratio, everything to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The steps for an effective SEO

The SEO agency helps companies to promote their website. For this, it carries out technical and semantic studies in order to implement a good strategy. The first step consists of an SEO audit to identify the blocking elements of the traffic based on the market and the competition in order to proceed to corrective actions. The second step is a semantic study, a key step because it aims to determine the keywords most searched by Internet users and which has a direct relationship with the company's strategy. The third step is the creation of content that must be attractive, interesting, understandable and above all meet the requirements of Google. For the fourth step, there is the technical support which aims to better structure the state of the website, to manage possible malfunctions related to loading time or optimization of tags. The netlinking support is the fifth step which consists in creating quality incoming links in the site and which allows to look for partners. Finally, for the last step there is the analysis of server logs which is used to optimize the scanning of search engines on the site.

The advantages of entrusting SEO to an agency

Thanks to the intervention of a professional, a company will not have to worry about its SEO strategy. Outsourcing allows it to save on staff recruitment which is less expensive. As a specialist in the field, an SEO agency has many assets to gain optimal Google referencing. For Visibleo, an SEO expert, it holds the certification of the Google AdWords & Analytics advertising platforms, which are very well known among companies. It also emphasizes transparency in its work through reporting and monitoring of the actions taken. In order to advise the company properly, he proceeds to the analysis of the data by drawing up a dashboard adapted to the company's needs. Whether it is for the promotion of a new product or the launch of a new website, using a seo agency in Paris is more advantageous and more insightful to achieve the objectives of natural referencing.
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