Natural referencing with a web agency

The natural referencing is an essential lever to gain visibility and drain a qualified traffic. SEO, an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the art of positioning your website in Google. To do this, your site must be technically optimized to meet the increasingly important requirements of Google. You must also write and publish quality content so that search engines index your site. So how do you go about improving your SEO ranking? The first thing to do is to entrust your site to a web agency specialized in SEO.

Step 1: Your web agency must help you define a lexical field

What is a lexical field? In order to get the best visibility possible, your seo agency must define with you, the keywords that best define your company and the services or products you offer. This list of keywords must be relevant for your activity, because these are the keywords you will try to position in natural referencing. They must generate enough traffic to allow you to be visible. A keyword that does not trigger any search is useless. SEO audit for the natural referencing of your website In order to identify the most appropriate keywords between your activity and the search on Google, your SEO agency will be able to rely on online tools, such as Google Trends, Semrush or Keyword Planner.

Step 2: Technical optimization when creating your website

A website must be free of technical errors in order to be correctly positioned in natural referencing. What does this mean? The phases of creation of your website by your web agency are multiple. In addition to the design, ergonomics, user experience and simplification of the booking process, your web agency must combine all your needs to create a site perfectly optimized for a perfect display on any screen size, what is called responsive design. Indeed, Google penalizes in SEO (natural referencing) sites that are not responsive. Your site must be secure, namely include the HTTPS security protocol, by installing an SSL certificate. Just like non responsive sites, Google penalizes in natural referencing, sites that are not secure. Finally, your site must be fast. Internet users are more and more in a hurry and so is Google. Therefore, your website must have an average page loading time of between 4 and 5 seconds. The combination of all these efforts by your SEO agency will make your website better positioned... and therefore offer you a better visibility with Google.

Step 3: writing SEO optimized content

For a website to be well positioned in natural referencing, there must be content to index. If you don't have content to present to search engines, Google will have no text, no article to index on its search engine. It is essential to constantly write content optimized for natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal is to create texts using the lexical field defined by your SEO agency and to write articles of a length of 600 words dealing with the theme of the keyword previously defined. Remember to publish your articles regularly on your website. The blog is a good way to publish articles highlighting the activities of your company. Also, don't forget to publish SEO articles regularly. Note that Google penalizes articles that are subject to duplicate content. This consists in the fact of copying an article present on another site in order to publish it on yours. Google favors content that is unique. Similarly, Google appreciates articles that are well written. It favors quality content, created by a human rather than a robot. Indeed, it is necessary that the text which is the object of natural referencing, is comprehensible, has a direction, is readable without forgetting to be written in a clear French and without faults.
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