How to succeed in Google search engine optimization in 2019?

Today, SEO has become the most formidable tool for launching a product. Many companies use this web marketing strategy to expand their image in the long run. Creating a Google SEO in 2019 is probably not a child's play. It requires a well conducted work by a professional. However, this does not exclude the possibility of trial for an amateur who wants to increase his know-how.

The main directions of Google SEO in 2019

The web is constantly evolving. New SEO trends are indeed appearing day by day. Various provisions are available to you on Google SEO to follow in 2019. Naturally, you need a "mobile-friendly site" since Google has already invented a "mobile-first indexing" in 2016. This system consists of testing the mobile version of your site. You will then get a confirmation of adaptation of your site on a cell phone if the test proves to be positive. Don't forget that mobiles are very handy tools nowadays. This test can be checked by yourself by following the link "mobile optimization test" from Google or try the "Mobile Ergonomics" item on the Search Console. You can apply the "Accelerated Mobile Page" technology. Or AMP to get mobile friendly pages. After that, you need to apply keyword research supported by a specific goal. "The RankBrain algorithm allows Google to learn constantly in order to be able to offer relevant results. This is called "Machine Learning". After this step, you need to try to match its content to voice searches. This is necessary because some users prefer to dictate verbally with a voice assistant than to type on a keyboard while searching. Connected objects such as Amazon Echo or Google home can provide this service. Next, you need to adopt a featured snippet that will allow your users to get an answer displayed before they have even clicked on a search result. The content displayed on the featured snippet must be relevant. This is one of the golden rules of this system.

The steps to do afterwards with regard to the SEO project once your site is positioned

When you finally manage to position your site, you will have to put the "keywords" on which you will rank your site. A keyword is the statement typed by a user during a search. You are probably wondering what to do to search for keywords. The most practical solution is to put yourself in the shoes of the targeted Internet users. Ask yourself the question regarding the requests you will make to access your site. Let your imagination run wild with the many possibilities of keywords. If you feel a difficulty of certainty for a word that you have considered, know that the Internet user would also not choose this word. A "Mazel software" will provide you with a search for quantities of keywords for free in just a few minutes. This software will also give you the totality of a monthly research of a keyword. Using this software will allow you to discern a more precise query. The question that may also gnaw at you is to specify the URL entry of a site once the positioning of its keyword is detected. You can use the "Optimiz Me" software to find the URL entry corresponding to the search position. Thus, all the information about the keywords will appear. Then, all you have to do is select them and add them by clicking on "Add to campaign".

Once the keywords have been chosen

You have found the keywords on which you want to position yourself, you just have to write content. SEO optimization follows certain rules. You must first match your title, meta description and h1 tags to your main keyword. You will also need to structure the paragraphs of your text. Also be careful with the content you use as it must have a lexical field. Don't forget to create internal links to direct users to pages that have a link to your content. Don't forget to create content that might appeal to the user or even to Google. Most of the time, a user only types in an expression and it is the "Google crawelrs" that direct the search to the corresponding pages. Google is therefore constantly updating its website to satisfy Internet users.

Optimize your referencing as much as possible

Finally, try to index your content in Search Console using Google by following these steps: publish your content in Search Console, fill in the address of the page on which you published the content using "Inspect any URL", then check the URL if it has been indexed using the query "".
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