How to reference a mobile application on the stores?

You have probably already heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) better known as natural referencing. This technique allows you to get your website on the first page of the results provided by a search engine. Did you know that it also applies to smartphone applications? You will discover more about the natural referencing of mobile applications on the stores thanks to the text below!

Choosing the right category for your application

Creating a consumer application for smartphones is meaningless if you don't take care to communicate about its presence in the various stores. This optimization allows potential customers to find it among the millions of existing applications. These application stores are usually divided into several sections to facilitate user searches. Some of them are particularly popular with developers and this fierce competition will logically prevent you from reaching the first positions. In this case, it is better to choose another category when deploying.

Optimize the choice of keywords

When you put your application online, depending on the different stores, you may be asked to specify several keywords. For example, the Apple and Android stores provide an area of about 100 characters for entering keywords. On the Google Store, the strategy is totally different since it considers that the keywords are actually contained in the application's descriptive text. As with website SEO, you'll need to find strong, relevant words. The right strategy is to mix generic terms (and therefore subject to strong competition) with more specific ones in order to stand out from other programs. Do not neglect this crucial step for the future of your application and repeat it on all platforms on which you want to appear.

Take care of your icon

In addition to the functional and technical aspects (responsive design, high-performance interfaces, use of a latest generation framework, international operation, etc.), you are no doubt aware that the visual aspect remains a decisive element in the choice of an application. The first thing a potential client will see of your development is its icon! Its quality must therefore be optimal. Use simple graphic elements that can be easily understood by most people. Also try to keep a certain coherence with the graphic charter of your application. Always apply borders to your icon in order to facilitate its adaptation on different backgrounds. Go around the different stores and check how your application's icon will be perceived by users.

Take screenshots

App stores also have an interesting feature for users. It allows them to get a preview of the program's screens. So, you've probably already understood that it's better to highlight the most important features of your app. Don't forget to mention the user experience as well. The number of authorized visuals varies depending on the platform. For example, on Android, a minimum of two screenshots is required and the maximum limit is set at eight. However, keep in mind that only the first two will be visible without user intervention. So it's up to you to choose them carefully! Finally, try to provide visuals of different sizes in order to adapt to the technological constraints imposed by some brands of smartphones or tablets.

Collect ratings and user reviews

Stores don't just present all the available applications according to predefined categories. They also establish a ranking to highlight the most interesting programs for the user. Several parameters are then taken into consideration but one of the most important remains the notes left by the purchasers of the application. To be well considered, your application must get at least four stars. Below this value, it will be less well exposed in the catalog and the number of downloads will inevitably be low. You will then have no choice but to develop a new version to hope for better. Also, make sure that you respond as quickly as possible to users' requests and comments. By being reactive to a problem, the rating of your application should logically improve with time. Don't forget to encourage your fans to post comments or reviews (which can be viewed by other users of the store) and to share your news as often as you think it is useful.
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