How to manage your e-reputation?

In a world where the Internet is omnipresent, it is very important to be able to keep a good image on the Web in order to avoid disastrous situations. To do so, it is necessary to adopt certain good habits, to set principles but also to avoid committing certain errors which can sometimes be fatal. This article proposes three keys for an efficient management of your e-reputation.

Permanent watch and reactivity

You can't manage something you don't know. You must know your online reputation better than anyone else. It is therefore necessary to have a clear idea of your image on the web and to carry out a permanent follow-up. You must constantly monitor search engines, social networks, forums and the Internet in general. Your main task is to be aware of everything that is said about your company (using regularly updated keywords) through all possible channels and then to establish action plans accordingly (reactivity). In the same vein, you will also need to be consistent and positive in your communication on social networks and other channels. Several tools are now available to ensure a permanent watch (Google Alerts, Brandwatch, Alerti, etc.). But if you don't master this, you can simply entrust the task to a good e-reputation agency that has the necessary expertise.

Involve employees and partners

The strength of a company is its ability to effectively use all the means at its disposal. From this point of view, the staff is a major asset for the efficient management of the e-reputation. The presence of your employees in expert forums, in discussion groups and on certain blogs can be very beneficial. But be careful, you need to keep things in perspective. This is why it is essential to establish a communication charter on which you must insist. Moreover, in a world where social proof has more weight than corporate speeches, you must know how to use your customers to sell your image online. Have satisfied customers testify, in writing or in video form, and broadcast the testimonials on as many channels as possible such as social networks.

Put in the necessary resources

You must be prepared to put the necessary resources to obtain significant results. Use both human and financial resources to achieve your goals. It is often convenient to designate a person in charge to intervene with the different actors of the company's communication. But this person cannot work effectively without the necessary resources. Thus, you must provide him/her with the financial and technical means so that he/she can use the monitoring and automated analysis tools and then work with external service providers (such as an e-reputation agency) if necessary.
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