How to make a good SEO ?

SEO is the business of professionals. To optimize the visibility of a professional website and at the same time increase traffic and audience, it is wise to hire the services of a competent and experienced seo agency.

SEO audit of its website

For a website already published online, the first step for the SEO optimization is the SEO audit. During this operation, the seo consultant starts to analyze the SEO score of the website. He analyzes the relevance of the keywords used, the quality of the links... To do this, it is possible to use different free or paid SEO tools such as Semrush, Googl Analytics, Google Ads, etc. The SEO agency that the website owner uses also checks the quality of the website design. Indeed, it is important to know that the organization of the pages and the speed of the navigation are very important in the gain of traffic and the loyalty of the Internet users who visit the website. After a well organized audit, the seo agency takes care of correcting the bugs and errors. This way, the website has more chances for a better ranking in the search engine results lists. Click here for more information on the services offered by a competent web agency in the field of internet referencing.

The relevance of the content

The seo agency does not limit itself to the technical elements to optimize the visibility of a website. In fact, the method to be promoted to have a choice positioning on Google takes into account the relevance of the content. The seo expert evaluates the quality and the added value of the articles already published on the site. He checks the uniqueness and authenticity of each text. The professional also inquires about the frequency of publication of text content on the site. In addition to the posts, the analysis of the relevance of the content will focus on the quality of the images and videos. As for the texts, the notion of uniqueness requires particular attention. Indeed, it is important to know that Google's bots quickly downgrade all sites that publish plagiarized content. The professional of the SEO agency pays particular attention to this kind of detail.

Keywords and Netlinking

For website referencing, the professional proceeds to the analysis of the keywords used by the competitors of the website to be promoted. Once this is done, he starts to generate relevant keywords via tools like Google Ads. These elements will then be integrated in a natural way in the different pages of the site. This is done in total respect of a certain ratio or rate of acceptable keywords for SEO. In addition to keywords, the seo consultant uses a well thought out backlinking campaign. The approach here is to multiply the dofollow links that lead to the pages of the site to be referenced. To do this, the professional can very well proceed to link exchanges with webmasters having well referenced sites. He can also adopt a good strategy of link baiting or fishing for links. For this last approach, the quality and richness of the content are of paramount importance.
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