How to increase the traffic on your website thanks to Google Adwords ?

Google Adwords is the advertising platform of Google or Google Ads. It was created to allow brands and professionals to promote themselves through advertisements placed in Google search results. An Adwords campaign is a very powerful form of advertising because it uses the visibility of Google itself, the first search engine in the world.

Why choose Google Adwords?

It follows that Google Adwords advertising is able to bring considerable benefits to advertisers and help them increase their visibility and sales. While the informative content of the blog is intended to attract the interest of users, the ads developed in SEM (search engine marketing) are aimed at reaching those who already have an obvious need to buy something. This is also known as paid search or SEA (Search Engine Advertising). It follows that the direct profitability of Adwords advertising is very high because those who click on an ad are already psychologically predisposed to buy, as well as the fact that these ads appear near the organic search results, being visible by an infinite number of users. Google Adwords ads can take a multitude of forms and channels, giving rise to a nice mix of strategies that you can implement according to your preferences and characteristics of your products or services and so on, taking advantage of the infinite network of Google platforms (Youtube, Adsense, Gmail Sponsored Promotions ...) at your disposal to acquire new contacts. Of course, this exceptional advertising tool requires the availability of a budget to allocate from the start. In any case, the budget can be used quite freely, for example you can decide to use it according to the form of expenditure that you consider the most advantageous in your case. Advertising via Google Adwords is a business method within everyone's reach to increase visibility and sales, although it requires a certain ability to analyze your target and the willingness to question what has been done so far, to improve the results with progressive corrections and integrations.

How to increase traffic and sales with a Google Adwords advertising campaign?

Google Adwords is a really considerable source of visibility and traffic: it allows you to "bypass" the competition between organic results thanks to ads that are placed among the first positions or that channel the attention of browsers, ensuring without any doubt a considerable exposure to the huge pool of Google users. Thanks to the huge amount of data in Google's possession, you can analyze the volume of searches for each commercially relevant keyword, evaluate the competition and estimate the conversion possibilities from the expected clicks on each ad.

The advantages of Google Adwords campaigns

Ads have the advantage of being built to meet specific business needs immediately: texts and images can also be improved "in progress" based on the results obtained, so as to increase the profitability of each ad you are involved in. Furthermore, the ads can be personalized both in terms of content and the channels you want to communicate with. In fact, you can define among the many advantages of Google Adwords campaigns: - Allows you to reach the top spots by overcoming the competition of the best placed competitors; - Allows you to intercept visits with a clear commercial intention; - Allows to focus on a target of targeted visitors and therefore more profitable; - Allows you to benefit from the immense popularity of Google, which provides a huge pool of potential users; - Allows to know how many people entered your site thanks to the ads; - Can be targeted on specific targets by improving the profitability of its ads; - Allows you to directly check the profit made by each ad by tracking clicks and conversion of each individual target; - Provides guided tools for ad creation; - Allows you to control the maximum daily expenses which can be a great help in managing your budget. In short, a Google Adwords campaign offers a good return on investment in both the short and long term for your business.
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