How does Google Photos work?

You are a photography lover and when you are away from home, you always take a lot of pictures from your smartphone. Unfortunately, this passion also has consequences, such as the memory of your camera always full and the need to frequently back up the photos taken on your PC, in order to free up space on your smartphone. Yes, a real nuisance and we were saying that we could offer you an alternative to manually saving photos on your PC with a smartphone application that automatically downloads and organizes photos online. We just suggest you try Google Photo: an application available on mobile devices that automatically creates a backup copy of photos and videos made on smartphones and tablets, cataloging and organizing them to make them easier to find.

Preliminary information

Before getting into the heart of this guide, I think it's necessary to give an overview of Google Photo: a service from Google that, as already mentioned, allows you to sync photos and videos in the cloud and have them always available on any device. But that's not all. Google Photo is also a photo gallery with smart features that automatically catalog photos and videos in order of importance, also incorporating some photo editing features and allowing the creation of movies, collages, animations automatically or manually, using a tool called Assistant. If you're wondering how syncing works on Google Photo, you should know that Google Photo allows for a completely free and unlimited backup of high-quality photos and videos. This means that photos and videos that are higher than the specified quality will be compressed to meet those limits. Since this type of backup can take time to upload to the cloud, you can also take advantage of the Express feature, which allows free and unlimited syncing of photos up to 3MP quality and videos up to 480p resolution in standard definition. Since Google's services come with free initial storage space, you can use the service in original quality as long as the free space is available. To use Google Photo, you must have a Google account. If you're using an Android smartphone, you probably already have a Google account, as you associated or created it during the initial setup of your device, as it's also used to access the Play Store, so you can also use it for Google Photo. If, however, you are using an iOS device and this is the first time you are using Google services, you will find all the necessary instructions to perform this preliminary procedure.

Store unlimited photos in one place

The dedicated mobile application allows you to automatically save all photos and videos taken from a mobile device. An application also exists to facilitate the transfer of photos from a computer. However, Google specifies that the unlimited storage does not keep your photos in their original size but in high quality. That is, Google stores images under 16MP and videos up to 1080p. For photos beyond that size, the photos are automatically compressed, without loss of quality according to Google. To keep your photos in the original format, Google offers a free storage space of 15 GB and of course paid beyond. Once online, Google uses its algorithms to automatically classify your photos by themes, places, objects or people in the photos.

How google photo works on PC

To facilitate the transfer of photos from a computer, Google suggests using a dedicated application. Go to the menu and click on Download application. Then choose Transfer program from computer to download the software. Install the program on your computer by double-clicking on it and following the instructions.Sign in to your Google account.The program offers to select the folders on your computer to back up to Google Photos. It is possible to add a network drive or external hard drive if necessary from the Add button. By default, your photos are stored in High Quality in order to benefit from the free space. Click on Start backup. The application is then permanently active and available in the Windows taskbar. Right click on the Google Photos icon to get information about the status of the backup or to access the online photo gallery. Now all the photos in your image library will be automatically backed up to Google Photos.
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