Google Authenticator: how does it work?

At work, you saw a colleague log into his Google account in a way that was “strange” to you: after entering his username and password, he launched an app on his phone, generating a code that allowed him to complete…

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How does Google Cast work?

You’re really tired of watching your favorite movies and TV series on the small screen of your smartphone and, after asking your friend for advice, you’re thinking of relying on a streaming device like the Chromecast, which can allow even…

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Learn everything about how Google Drive works

In order to get important work done, you need to share some files with others in your office, but since you are not very familiar with the wide world of computers, you have no idea what tools to use. Your…

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How does Google Duo work?

Recently, some of your friends have spoken highly of Google Duo, a free service from Google that allows you to make calls and video calls, with the ability to set up group video conferences with up to 32 participants. Before…

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