Google News: how to get listed on Google News?

Implemented by Google in April 2002, Google news gathers all the press articles online in an automatic way. Already present in 20 countries, France tested its Beta version in 2009. It now gathers nearly one billion users per week, six billion clicks, 55,000 indexed sources. With this service, the Montainview giant highlights the most permanent news with its own algorithm. To succeed in being referenced on Google News, it is important to know how it works and how to improve your Google referencing.

What is Google News?

The algorithm that governs Google News is almost the same as the one that indexes sites on the classic search engine. The analysis of the news is done with the help of a Googlebot, which deciphers all the press articles that are most eligible to be indexed on Google News. The ranking is done according to well-defined criteria. The content must be news. The site where it is published must be dedicated to news or at least a part of the site. Google News prioritizes quality and relevance. Without this, the site can be removed from the indexing. Deception techniques are not tolerated on Google News, techniques like hidden links and cloacking do not work with this platform. Boosting techniques with keyword stuffing and satellite pages do not work either. You have to prioritize the users and not the search engines.

How does the information gathering and news distribution process work?

- Information collection A collection system is applied to index the news. To have a possibility to be indexed on Google News, you have to fill in a membership form. The whole team of Google News will study your application. It will also analyze the site to be indexed before validating it. You will be notified by email in case of refusal. You can renew your application after 60 days and provided that you have rectified the errors on your site and on your profile. - The diffusion of the news Before broadcasting the news, the Google bot checks if the news is recent. It also analyzes its relevance, as well as the notoriety of the source. The bot analyzes nearly 500 news sources, hence the qualification system. Google news also checks how hot news are treated. Are they processed immediately or not by the source? At what time and on what date are they put online? It will also analyze the flow of information that deals with the same subject. It is based on these different criteria that the Google news algorithm ranks the articles.

How to be referenced on Google News?

A good referencing on Google News requires the respect of some technical and editorial guidelines. Then ask for the integration of your site on Google News, you must then confirm the ownership of the site on Google Search Console and ask for its integration among the lists of articles referenced on Google News by taking care to fill in the information necessary for indexing. The validation will be done after a few weeks. It will be necessary to rework the technical part of the blog or the site in case of refusal. The quality and the relevance of the articles are the main criteria for validation by Google News. Your site and your blog must also have a certain notoriety with a good traffic. It must be active, with quality content. You also need to work on your headings so that each article is listed in the right place. This will help the bot to check its relevance. Your sources must be clear. This will optimize the visibility of each content. This is essential for a good referencing on Google news. In other words, if you want to index a blog, it is better to add the word "blog" to your blog. Clear and readable content is more likely to be indexed on Google News. You must be careful with the grammar and spelling of your articles. They must be impeccable and comfortable to read. It is essential to master the French language perfectly. If you have contained articles. Google does not like duplicate content. Even if your content deals with a hot news, you must write it in an original way. You are not allowed to compile information. The bot will easily detect it. This could even have an impact on the SEO referencing of your site on the classic search engine.

Small reminder

In summary, to be listed on Google news, you must insist on the user experience instead of doing everything to please the search engine algorithm. The article must focus on the hottest news as soon as possible. A flawless French is also required, because quality comes first. Deceptive SEO methods are not tolerated
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