G-Suite: the entire Google Apps suite to help you in your business

The Google suite is now the best way to run a business easily and securely, without large investments and with an unmatched level of performance. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive and innovative suite of cloud services with the highest deployment rate in the world, given the ease of use, low cost of entry and efficiency of its solutions that can be used from virtually any device.

The G-Suite for the enterprise: a suite of business-oriented applications

In terms of communication aspects, the reference applications are : - Gmail, the most popular email system in the cloud, born on a target of private customers, then extended to the business world; - Google calendar, a tool for managing multiple calendars at once, integrated in all clients and widely used with incredibly advanced features; - Hangouts, a video conferencing phone call platform, through which you can communicate immediately by sharing content in real time between two or more users; - Google+, Google's social platform, useful for communicating internally and externally with your team, integrated with the other tools in the suite.

Google apps enterprise: easy to use

Through the G-Suite you can collaborate easily and immediately with the most common tools. Using Google suite apps is simple, which is why they are so popular. With shared calendars, you can see when your employees are busy or available and schedule meetings that include automatic email alerts. With a simple action, you can turn meetings into video conferences from any computer, smartphone or tablet that lets you manage a video call. Finally, thanks to the screen sharing feature, it will be possible to review the team's work in order to make decisions in the moment. There are also google apps collaboration tools through which users can generate and manage documents of different types, to share information inside or outside the company according to widely distributed standards. Google docs allows users to generate documents in a format very similar to Word. The documents generated on the platform can be collaborated between several users in native form. Google sheets represents the google tool created for the management of simple and powerful spreadsheets. It can be considered as an elementary Excel, also characterized by the possibility of sharing in real time the writing of data within it among several users. Google slides is like the analogous PowerPoint. Also in this case, if your needs are not particularly advanced, you can adopt the tool to generate and share presentations with users inside and outside the workgroup; Google forms allows you to easily generate data collection structures, to be distributed via the web, to collect data from users through the generation of simple completion masks. With Google Sites, you can generate websites that are easy to build and manage. If you don't have great graphic and functional pretensions, the tool lends itself to the development of small websites.

G-Suite: maximum security

When it comes to security, the G-Suite applications are among the most secure, thanks to the authentication systems and protocols used. Your company's data will be protected by a series of security options such as two-step verification, single sign-on, and mobile device management will help protect your data in the event of lost devices or access issues. You can also schedule the storage of emails and chats recorded in the registry, so you can decide how long to keep them. Security settings are easily configured via the administration console. The management system runs through a fairly powerful administration panel. Using G-Suite means having the most advanced collaboration structure at enterprise level, subject to continuous development of the platforms and associated services.
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