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Improve the visibility of a website on search engines through training in SEO and digital marketing. Taking an SEO training course ensures that you have a solid foundation in search engine optimization while adapting to e-marketing issues. The Google SEO training course helps trainees to implement a global communication strategy including the development of effective and sustainable web marketing levers.

Examples of content for SEO training

The digital marketing SEO training courses are aimed at web project managers, web editors, communication agencies, entrepreneurs, marketing and communication managers, webmasters, press release managers, digital agencies... The training also reaches people who want to write for the web. A training course in SEO can be composed of 3 modules, namely: natural SEO, SEO optimization through editorial and Google Panda/Penguin algorithm changes, netlinking, duplicate content, site redesign. The contents of the modules are regularly updated to take into account the changes in the search engine algorithm. The trainers explain in particular the techniques for referencing a site by mastering Google Panda and Google Penguin. To attend the other modules, it is crucial to have followed the basic training devoted to natural referencing. This part allows you to understand the best techniques for the optimization of natural referencing. You can also complete your training by taking courses to master WordPress as well as some courses to improve your skills in PrestaShop. The Google SEO training is provided by professionals.

Why should I take a web training course in Google search engine optimization?

At the end of the Google SEO training, participants will know how to audit their own sites or those of their clients. This step consists in evaluating the semantics, the notoriety and the techniques of the audited platforms. The training helps learners generate massive traffic through the little known effects of Google Rankbrain. Module updates help trainees master recent and advanced techniques. They learn how to find niches that competitors are not yet occupying. The trainees also master local SEO and the most popular SEO software. Web training allows for better time management by evaluating certain criteria more important than others. Following this type of education allows you to learn how to become independent or set up an SEO agency. The objective of the natural referencing training is to master all the techniques aimed at positioning a portal at the top of the search engine results, especially Google. Those who wish to follow the training do not need any previous notion in programming or computer science. The minimum prerequisites are to master Internet navigation as well as the search for training in a search engine.

Objectives of a Web training

Among the objectives of the training, the trainees will learn to define the sorting criteria of search engines. Course participants will learn techniques to improve visibility and SEO on the web. The Google SEO training also allows to master the advanced techniques of SEO, integrate SEO in a website redesign project. By following this type of training, participants learn how to define the SEO strategy and acquire the basics of SEO in order to supervise a developer/integrator. This type of training provides all the necessary skills to develop the visibility of a site on Google. The team of experienced trainers teaches the basics of sustainable and qualitative SEO.
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