Content marketing: the importance of web writing

Web marketing includes many areas such as SEO, paid advertising and social media management. Content marketing appears here as the essential technique to benefit from a good visibility on the web and attract more visitors.

Web writing: the importance of editorial content

The creation of a website requires content writing. Once the architecture is done, you will have to feed your platform with texts, slogans, comments. Unless you entrust the writing work to a professional or a digital agency, you will probably not have the time to write everything yourself. It requires time that you can invest in other tasks that are better suited to a business owner. If at the time of the launch of your site, you will only need a few texts and web pages written, the rest will be more complex. To boost the positioning of your platform, a regular flow of articles is necessary. However, if you are a beginner in this field, you must know that the texts to be published must obey a finely thought content strategy. For that, the SEO must be able to establish a serious planning for the publication, define an editorial line and know well his target to know how to address them. Hence the importance of quality web writing!

What is a quality web article?

A web article published in your company blog must be optimized for the Google search engine. In other words, it must be accredited by the algorithm to appear on the first page of search results. The question is: How does Google measure the quality and relevance of an article? You should know that the algorithm takes into account different parameters such as the length of the text which must exceed 1000 words. This number of words is considered necessary to treat a subject in depth. Then comes the choice of the keywords on which the text should be positioned. These terms will be selected thanks to a generator of words and expressions based on the most frequent requests of Internet users. The linking strategy is also one of the strategic initiatives for an effective content marketing campaign. You must create internal links between the different pages of your site to increase the time your visitors spend on your platform. At the same time, they will need to establish external links to other sites and links back to your pages. This is an internal and external linkage that is essential for your content to be considered quality.

Content for your social network pages

More than ever, social networks play a crucial role in the marketing of a company. It is what will allow you to make your blog posts known and attract more visitors to your site. You will then need descriptive mini-texts whether on Instagram or Facebook. A professional copywriter can provide customized texts: easy to read, relevant and appealing. The goal of managing web content on social networks is to create an interactive space to build close relationships with your potential and loyal customers.
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