Categories in WordPress: How to use them

Categories in WordPress, How to use them
WordPress is a software for updating a website or mobile application. It belongs to the group of content management system software. WordPress provides the opportunity to sort the contents into category tags. But the question is how to use WordPress? Instructions for use below.

The difference between categories and tags on WordPress

The first difference between categories and tags is that categories are well harmonized. Therefore, we will see how to add categories and sub-categories in Word press. The WordPress content advertising has a resamblence with the text editor like word or open office. But you have to be careful because of the common appearance of the various buttons on the voluntary graphic, you can't compare them. In principle, WordPress allows you to conceive that it is imperative to arrange and especially classify in WordPress categories. This categorization called taxonomy cannot deviate from the rule of use. As we can see, the categories have two main purposes, which allow for filtering the display of these by employers, whether in the navigation thread, or in a breadcrumb trail for their more complete use. There are steps that must be taken which consist of entering the title of the website as well as the password before being able to connect to the CMS administration as well as an email address. A WordPress category is a taxonomy, a term often used to designate the families of classification in WordPress. Categories are therefore taxonomies. So are all tags so that they can be used to classify items. The terms peoples taxonomies although we often use the word category by abuse of language. Similarly, a term or subcategory is a child element in a hierarchical taxonomy.

WordPress Categories

Administering a WordPress category is a bit simpler. To get access to category management, just click on the posts button. A sub-menu will appear, click on the category. To create a category, you just have to fill in a form on the left side. But to change a category, it is necessary to press on the title of the category. This can become a problem if there are several people maintaining the site or if the client makes mistakes. Any administrator could design several categories and new labels. A category is linked only to articles: no link with pages. It allows you to sort the articles. A category can have one or more articles.

Categories cannot contain pages

Adding, deleting and modifying a WordPress category. You can add a new category in WordPress on the day you write a post. On the blog post publishing screen, drag to the category meta box and press add new category or add category from article. It is possible to produce a category from a prototype article. On the right hand side of the screen there is a sidebar that represents the category of the article to which you want to attach the article under construction. At the bottom you can add a new category, complete the field and assign it a visible category. But this action is only possible from an editor role. In any case, it is much better to mark only one subcategory or category per written article. In Word Press, it is possible to change the categories of articles en masse. To do this you just have to select the article and the whole article for which you want to make the change. And then, choose modify in the grouped actions and make apply.

Category archives

This is the main use of categories: WordPress logically renews the category archives. These are all just pages that assemble all the related posts in a category. Producing a category archive page is often not an easy task. Indeed, there are several ways to list the article and the category: by date, alphabetically or other. You can add a single item to your main menu. We can build the main menu with pages we just created but also with the categories of the main menu, the user goes directly to the archive page.we need to use the URL to be able to access the archive categories: they are accessible by their own URL. Moreover, we can find our archives at the following URL: my . But this can be changed from a small suggestion in the settings menu of Word press. You just have to go to the settings tab to change the prefix of the categories and that's all. In short, we have seen in these contexts the information that concerns the WordPress software as well as their instructions for use.
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