Adwords : how to get the Google Partner certification ?

Launched in 2013, the Google Partner program allows web marketing agencies to benefit from a certification from the silicone Valley giant attesting to their expertise in the field of digital ads. This approval is crowned with a badge: a measure put into effect since June 2020. In this article, you will find out how you can get this certification.

How to become a Google Partner?

According to the plan defined by Google, this certificate, developed within the framework of the Adwords program, can only be obtained when certain conditions are met. The paid search agency must then submit to the requirements set up by the search engine, namely A Gmail address An Adwords account A Google Ads certification A Google Partner profile Agencies wishing to obtain this certification must have completed a training course at Skillshop via the Google school in which you can register online for free. This training allows members to refine their knowledge of Google Ads by selecting the course of their choice. Once you have completed your session, you will have to pass an exam at the end of which you will get this certification. Note that there are different exams among which you will find a main test about Google Ads beabas. However, different evaluation tests are proposed at the end of each training allowing a web agency or a website creation agency in Lille or in another city to cumulate the certifications. This way, they can have several areas of specialization and make their clients benefit from customized marketing campaigns. Here are some examples of certifications: Google Shopping to create these campaigns and manage Google Merchant Center accounts. Google Display to analyze the advanced precepts of digital marketing. Mobile Advertising to master ads in all their formats. Video Advertising to manage campaigns on video platforms, the best known of which is YouTube.

3 conditions to obtain the certification badge

If the initial program created the skeleton of the training, new updates have led to a more specific targeting. Google is trying to provide web marketing agencies with real expertise while allowing them to keep their own assets. If you're wondering about the requirements to earn a Google Partner badge, you should know that they can be summarized in 3 points:

Demonstrate the performance required by Google

Agencies must ensure that your website can obey an acquisition strategy that implements the best practices for deploying an Adwords campaign. They are then required to show a 70% optimization rate in order to provide targeted suggestions for improving the ad format.

Respecting a predefined budget

Each agency has to prove a good level of activity by spending 20,000 euros on advertising within 90 days. Therefore, only communication firms, specialized in digital and spending a significant budget for the Ads campaigns of their customers, can obtain this certificate.

Having several certifications

If at the beginning, obtaining a single certification was enough to get this badge, it is now imperative to have several. Having a Multi-account access is essential for more efficiency.

Google Partner or Google Partner Premier?

You can't get a Google Partner Premier badge until you've successfully earned your Google Partner badge. Therefore, only web development, e-commerce and digital marketing agencies can obtain this certification, which corresponds to 3% of the communication companies registered in this program. The Premier certification, a guarantee of trust and professionalism, can only be granted if several factors are gathered: A growing number of clients A high rate of customer retention Annual advertising budget In other words, Google carries out a detailed analysis of the administrator account as well as the client account through the examination of the performance and the approaches used. It also looks at the ads served by the agencies and their ability to generate gains in terms of visitors and conversions.
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