Advertising online: Google Adwords and other tools!

Online advertising. Two terms that encompass a vast sea of opportunities for your business and where knowing how to swim means knowing which tools to use to seize them. Today, the tools that allow us to advertise online are numerous and each of them has different characteristics and potential, so it could become tortuous to identify the ideal tools to optimize your goals. And it's precisely from the goals that everything should start. What are my online advertising goals? Who do I want to reach?

Why advertise online?

It's not just about "being" online, it's about being found by those who are looking for us. The potential of online advertising is that we choose to show what we offer, whether it is a service, product or information. We identify our target audience, then digital marketing tools will find them on the web, wherever they are browsing and, whatever device they are connecting to. And the icing on the cake is that there are no unexpected expenses. The budget is always decided by the advertiser and only he has the power to reduce or increase it. The Net offers several tools to make online advertising, the choice will be made according to your targets and your activity.

Online advertising with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is mainly composed of 2 types of ads: ads on the search network and ads on the display network. The first ones, composed of text, are nothing else than the first results displayed by the search engine when a user types the query corresponding to the keyword chosen by us to "find". It is the relevance of our ad that will make the user prefer us to competing ads and want to know more, simply by clicking on it. The ads on the display network can be composed of text, images or videos that Google will publish on a network of thousands of websites. In this case, our target user is not actively looking for us, but we will reach them, no matter where they are browsing. How do we do this? By choosing specific websites, interests, characteristics, geographic area and more to draw the identity of the person we want to show our ad to.

Video advertising on Youtube

We can reach our target audience even among the tens of thousands of youtubers who use the platform every day. A video that speaks and shows you your business, who you are, what you offer: that you launch a message and attract the attention of those who are about to see a video. Today, advertising on Youtube is very simple, thanks to the integration with the AdWords platform and also because Youtube offers us a large number of video formats to offer to users with specific conversion goals to achieve. All this, linked to an abundance of data that records every behavior of every user who has been in front of our video ad and that reveals and gives answers to many questions: who has seen my video? Did they see it all? How many chose not to view it? And yet, someone more interested clicked on an external link to the video to learn more about my products and services?

Social networks to advertise online

Social media is teeming with people who, while spying on profiles and pages, could potentially be interested in what we offer. Why not be more easily found by our target audience through Facebook ads? The same goes for Instagram Ads and Twitter. More brand awareness, more sales, more customer loyalty, more website traffic: perfectly achievable goals with social media sponsored ads, where the call to action will have the power to invite our target to interact with what we show them. The different types of ads allow you to create content where images are the main focus: video ads, photo ads, link ads, slideshow ads, carousels and Canvas. In short, everything seems too perfect: pre-set budgets with no surprises, a target audience that is perfectly accessible and potentially receptive to our message. There is no catch. Digital Adv tools allow us at any time to follow what is happening and measure how we reach the objective or apply corrections to optimize the performance of our campaigns. Google Adwords, Youtube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Shopping, Universal App Campaigns and Twitter Ads are all tools to advertise online. The key is to choose their ideal combination that translates our online advertising into a colorful solution for our company.
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