5 traffic analysis tools to manage your web presence

If you are managing the online presence of clients of a certain size, you can't rely on simple manual research to see how your business is performing. You need tools to monitor the traffic generated by your promotional activities and understand if the audience arriving at the website is consistent with what you expected. Analyzing social media promotion data allows you to develop more effective content production plans for your social networks. Finding out how your audience reacts to your posts helps you improve your editorial plan and understand what works and what doesn't. Here are 5 web monitoring tools you may not know about that can help you discover how your audience is reacting to your social media marketing campaigns and what type of audience is actually interested in your website content.


Brandwatch is an extremely popular platform (it has 26 languages!) for evaluating user sentiment online. It is a very comprehensive tool for deepening feedback on brand promotion activity, and it provides companies with data derived from online tracking of specific segments. This application provides information about users, allows analysis of metrics related to engagement and follower count, as well as the ability to track the spread of hashtags on Twitter. The application is extremely versatile and functional for data analysis at an advanced level and can be customized in its settings for analyzing online and social conversations. It provides numerous panels to perform specific analysis on marketing feedback, obtaining real-time data from forums, blogs, social networks and review sites. The data is also exportable.

Social Insider

Social Insider is a Facebook interaction analytics tool that allows you to see who our competitors' customers are, the feedback that drives their content and the shares they get. The application provides an unlimited number of reports and the data can be downloaded in PDF and CSV format. With Social Insider and its machine learning mechanism, we can find out which posts are most likely to get a share on Facebook. The Pro version of the tool offers advanced analysis features for Facebook and Instagram.


Social Blade allows users to access engagement data from various platforms (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and others) for specific users in order to evaluate their visibility on social networks and assess the real reach of the analyzed profiles. By inserting the name of the account we are interested in in the search bar, we get an extraction of the most relevant data (number of followers and their variation over time) to allow us to assess whether the profile we are dealing with enjoys considerable popularity. For profiles with a certain number of followers, the tool provides an estimate of the gains that can be made from social visibility and projections of growth in the estimated number of followers. Like the images, it can be extremely useful to judge the reach of the influencers and social network managers we want to build a relationship with.

Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue offers even more advanced analysis capabilities. It is a tool that identifies the names and contacts of companies that visit your website, to support your lead conversion activities. It is obviously a tool designed for business to enhance lead acquisition activities through better knowledge of those (companies and individuals) who have shown interest in your business. The importance of this information is such that your sales department could contact companies that have already shown interest in your company and provide them with more relevant information, with more conversion possibilities. You can track the characteristics of your contact (sales, staff, sales target...) to decide on the right approach to contact them again. The application can be integrated with Google Tag Manager and WordPress, it can read data from Google Analytics to associate visitor information with those already in its possession, it can observe the details of the web pages visited and track contact information: this allows us to decide whether or not to contact visitors, depending on their business prospects.


Leadwork is a platform that allows you to obtain results similar to those of a visitor "queue". This free competitor analysis software analyzes the flow of visitors on a daily basis and helps you understand who is receptive to your online communication. It allows you to track competitors who visit your site, to know on which pages visitors interact the most, to provide useful information to our sales team. The platform allows you to add multiple members to help in the web traffic processing operations.
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