3 simple tips to improve your local SEO

Would you like to develop your local business' visibility on the Internet? You're right, because most customers first do a local search on the web before going to the store. If you are like most people, your first reflex will be to open a website, with the idea of becoming visible on Google. Indeed, your website will be the core of your visibility. But "having a website" does not mean "being visible locally". Nowadays, everyone has a website. Since you can make a site (of mediocre quality) for very little money, search engines are saturated with pages to rank. To hope to appear in the first results, it is necessary to pay attention to a multitude of factors.example-of-local-results-of-a-customer Ideally, it is best to use the services of an SEO professional to optimize these many factors. But today, I'm going to talk about 3 factors that you can already improve on your own.

1 - Place your locality in the titles

The title (h1) of a web page is extremely important for its ranking. It is this title that Google looks at to understand what the page is about. Of course it looks at many other things in the rest of the page, but the title is the most important. So, avoid vague titles like "great massages all day". Prefer very precise and clear titles like "Massages & relaxation in Bordeaux in New Aquitaine". This way, Google knows what the page is about, and in what local context it works. With the help of an expert, you can of course go further. By analyzing the keywords of your sector, he will know exactly what title to write, and how to retouch the rest of the page to get the best possible SEO score for the best keywords. But first, use this title trick to improve your SEO!

2 - Open a Google my Business account

On Google, your local visibility goes a long way through Google Maps. In fact, in most of the local results, you have a local frame with a map at the top of the page. Beyond that, many people search for local businesses directly on the map. To be on this map, you first need a Google My Business account. In this account, you will give the title of your business, the hours, the description, the website, etc. An expert will be able to help you set up this listing for optimal placement in the local results. But first, open an account. Even if it is not optimized, it is the minimum to be visible locally. Once you have an account, don't forget to ask your loyal customers to leave a review on your page. Your Google My Business reviews will not only improve your positioning, but also the number of calls you receive. Ultimately, the better your rating, the more local customers you will get.

3 - Analyze your competitors (and do better)

Again, doing your site and SEO with a professional is a big plus. But if you can't do it for one reason or another, here's what you can do. First, look at what keywords you would like to appear for on Google. For each keyword, type the search into Google and look at all the competitors that appear on the first page. Now ask yourself, "How can I make a better page than these competitors?". Sometimes the answer will be to make a nicer page. Other times, a page with clearer content. This tip may seem very simple, but it's deeper than it appears. You see, SEO is a very complex discipline. There are a ton of factors to consider all the time and a lot of rules to juggle. But at the end of the day, Google just wants to highlight the pages that best answer users' queries. So if you don't have the expertise to manage all the factors, you can at least try to offer users a better answer than your competitors.

Conclusion: SEO alone is hard!

If you apply these three tips to your situation, you will have already taken a big step forward for your visibility. That said, SEO is a complex discipline and I don't recommend spending too much time on it alone. Often, to really outrank the competition and get good local visibility, you will need the assistance of an SEO expert. This person will be able to work on all aspects of your SEO: The discovery of new keywords The optimization of the content of your site The technical optimization of your site The creation of SEO content The link building etc. Above all, avoid SEO solutions with contracts that are too long or with a very low cost: SEO takes time, so plan for a substantial budget to get serious results.
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