SEO Strategy
Increase the traffic on your site

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

It is the set of techniques and know-how to optimize a web project and its environment for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) and it allows to meet the requirements of the engines.


An SEO strategy acts on natural traffic, i.e. traffic coming from natural and unsponsored search engine results. The natural referencing allows you to position your pages on several keywords carrying targeted traffic, that is to say in relation to your activity which increases thereafter your visits, sales.

The cycle for a successful SEO strategy

The key words

Adapted for each of the pages to be referenced. the rule is to avoid targeting different keywords on the same page.


Html code, title tag, meta description tag, urls, redirects, charset and editorial content

The linking

How many sites talk about you? Search engines rate your popularity based on what other sites say about you.

Assessment of optimizations

Monitor and measure the results in order to determine what worked and what needs to be optimized.

The essential tags for SEO?

When a search engine like Google or Bing analyzes an HTML page, certain tags are more important to it. So choosing these essential tags is important in order to optimize the referencing of your page also allow you to communicate with Internet users outside your site . For GOOGLE, the title tag, the meta description tag and the h1, h2 tags… (main subtitles) are the most important. They also allow you to communicate with users outside your site.

A SEO Strategy

Target your market with more precision, hit your target

SEM : Search Engine Marketing

It contains all the activities that aim to strengthen the visibility of a website from the web. It is no longer strictly limited to search engines, but is now open to social networks.

SEA : Search Engine Advertising

Il contient les activités pour l'achat de l'espace publicitaire sur les moteurs de recherche. En France, le programme le plus connu est Adwords pour les annonces sur Google et les sites affiliés.

SMO : Social Media Optimization

It includes activities that aim to develop the visibility of an entity through social media. The media concerned in France are : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin .

Senior SEO Consultant

SEO Strategy

Definition of the referencing strategy and prioritize the actions to be implemented: Carry out an audit of the existing and its referencing and make an analysis of the competition.

Prioriser les actions

It is the detection of relevant and promising innovative ideas to develop customers’ business and prioritize the actions to be implemented.

Referencing audit

A review to take stock of the existing weak points or blocking the natural referencing and carry out an action plan to correct the problems and optimize your site.


Make recommendations at the editorial technical and popularity levels. Detecting relevant and promising innovative ideas to develop the clients’ business.

Error Correction

Among the services that a senior SEO consultant can offer is the correction of site errors such as having broken links on his website…

Exit from a penalty

Exit panda and penguin penalties or other filters, which impact page positions and can relegate your site far behind the first page, or advice on how to avoid them.

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