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Knowing the traffic of your website is to see the number of visits, but not only! This is the first thing that website owners think about. However, this criterion does not teach you how to increase the visits to your website. It is more recommended to integrate indicators that will inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Thus, you will know which improvements are to be made to generate new and more qualified visits. For more visibility, it is preferable to have a responsive website.

What is a statistics tool?

As its name indicates, a statistics tool allows to know the precise statistics of websites. Free and paid versions exist on the market, these are also available to all through a web agency. The most popular SEO statistics remain Google Analytics and Piwik, which are easily accessible from a connected device such as a tablet, a computer or a smartphone via a particular link secured by a code and a login. Once you log in, you can access the web interface. At first glance, this may seem complex, but with practice, it will quickly become intuitive. Of course, the data provided by the statistical tools are always useful, but some are more useful than others. Indeed, the indicators listed below will allow you to optimize your website according to the information gathered and your objectives in terms of natural referencing.

Acquisition analysis

The statistical tools inform you about the origin of your visitors: For a direct access, the Internet users type in the navigation bar of your URL: when the results are weak, improve your offline communication (commercial brochure, flyers, business cards...); For an access by referral sites, Internet users come to your site by clicking on a link from another site: when the results are insufficient, you must review the netlinking strategy. It is also in this option that visits from social networks (specific part in Google Analytics) can be referenced; For access via search engines, Internet users click on your site when they search for something on Google, Yahoo or Bing. If the results are not satisfactory, it will be necessary to focus on an optimal referencing strategy.

Traffic analysis

The SEO statistical tools on Google offer detailed data on visitors and visits: Visitors: the indicator to check is the unique visitors. It is the most important to analyze the traffic of your website. These are the new visitors who consult the site for the first time. In case you do not consider this indicator, but only the number of sessions (visits), you may face wrong statistics. Your website may have 100 visits that were made by only 20 visitors; Periods of visits: this indicator is recommended if you distribute content regularly or if you launch marketing actions. It tells you how many visitors come to your site during a specific period in days, hours and months. Most of the time, the traffic periods of a website are recurrent. You can therefore easily organize the publication of your content to best suit the peaks of traffic to your website.

Behavioral analysis

You are also able to see how visitors behave on your site thanks to statistical tools. You can know their path as soon as they enter the home page: Page views: this indicator helps you monitor the awareness of your page among users. You can thus be inspired by the pages that have been successful to improve those that have not yet had this success; The bounce rate: this evaluates the number of visitors who leave your site without taking the time to browse it. There are many reasons for a high bounce rate: the loading time is too long or your site does not respond instantly to the visitor's needs. To remedy this, you must optimize the loading time of the site or the content present on the home page in order to limit the bounce rate. Average visit time: This defines whether the site's content is appropriate and relevant. The higher the average time, the more likely visitors are to buy, contact and return to the site. To boost the average visit time, maximize your site by building trust and transparency (presentation of your team, company history, ratings, testimonials, awards, etc.).
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