Web writing: the 5W method, what is it?

Digital communication has become the best approach to get customers. To take advantage of these benefits, you need not only a well-designed platform, but also an excellent editorial line. It is therefore essential that the contents are qualitative to attract the audience. It is in the search of this quality that the 5W method was born. Do you know what it is? Here is some important information on the subject.

Presentation of the 5W method

Content creation requires a certain amount of expertise from the writers. Obviously, each editorial content creator, such as a content marketing agency, has his own writing style. Despite this uniqueness, he must still follow the standards required by this profession. He is therefore required to adopt a formula to process and transcribe the information gathered during his research. This is where the 5W method comes in, which allows the web editor to write clear, concise and complete web articles. Thanks to its rules, it offers a chance to websites to have a better visibility. The quality of the text obtained after the use of this formula is very appropriate for the natural referencing. Therefore, the contents will have a good ranking in the search engines. Refer to this site for more information on this subject.

Rule of application

The 5W process is a way that offers the advantage of a perfect treatment of the subjects. Thanks to it, you will be able to establish the ideal plan for each article. That is why it is also used in criminology and classical journalism. It is also very effective in a content marketing process. To implement the 5W formula, you need to ask yourself 5 simple questions: who ? ; what ? when ? where ? why ? These questions mean "who?", "what?", "when?", "where?", and "why? The answers to these 5 questions will allow you to obtain content that is both interesting and comprehensive. For better optimization, you can add two other relevant arguments. These are the answers to the questions "how much" and "how".

Applying the approach

Despite its impact on content performance, the 5W method is not just about asking questions. You also need to be able to structure your text so that it is coherent for your targets. The ideal layout that will appeal to your audience is the inverted pyramid. It consists of revealing information in a descending manner. In other words, the subject of the article will start with the essential information and then fall on the incidental ones. This way of providing data in dribs and drabs will allow you to arouse the curiosity of the Internet user. This way, they won't be tempted to skim the content, but rather to read it all. However, make sure they learn a little more as they read. By doing so, you also improve your SEO. With this feature, you will have to better exploit the semantic field of the topic to be covered. Search engines, such as Google, appreciate this aspect and will certainly increase the appearance of your articles in the results. This is why most web writers use the 5W method. Some do it consciously, but others use it without even knowing it. This automatic use of the 5Ws follows a specific logic. Thus, those who use it, in one way or another, save time in its application. Taking this criterion into account, would the 5W formula be imposed on web editors?

5W method, obligation or not?

The use of the 5W is currently optional. This rule is therefore not mandatory for a writer, unless otherwise indicated in the instructions that he has received. Nevertheless, this approach will be really beneficial if you make it an ally when creating your content. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep in mind that web writing is different from other forms of writing. Its objective is to attract the attention of the reader. The latter should not get bored or feel that he has already got all the information he is looking for before the end of the article. From the introduction to the conclusion, the reader must find interesting information. When this rule is not respected, Internet users will skim over the texts. The highlighting of data is therefore important to attract them. You should also insert keywords that will increase the chances of SEO referencing of the content. The 5W method is not at all complex and it offers multiple advantages. However, its application does not exempt you from the obligation to check the spelling of your articles. You could lose a large audience with productions that do not respect these rules. By putting all these factors together, you will certainly be able to appeal to your audience.
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