Tips for choosing a digital agency

In order to optimize its visibility, improve its image or increase its sales, companies call upon communication agencies. However, with so many digital agencies offering their services, it is difficult to make the right choice. How to choose the company that will best meet your needs and objectives? Here are some tips to help you choose the right digital agency.

What do web agencies offer?

Technologies related to the Internet are in constant evolution. A web agency accompanies companies in their communication strategy. To help you achieve your goals, they intervene at several levels: audit of the website, analysis of the data obtained, proposals for solutions ; complete creation of a website; writing content optimized for search engine optimization; communication strategy on social networks; and many other services.

Should you choose a generalist or a specialized web agency?

The answer is simple: it depends on what you are looking for for your company. If you want someone to act on your entire digital strategy, the choice of a generalist agency seems more relevant. It will be able to accompany you from the beginning of the project until the end, allowing a coherence and a real understanding of your issues. On the other hand, if you wish to focus on very specific points such as paid search campaigns for example, it is preferable to turn to agencies specialized in this field.

What criteria should I take into account to make the right choice?

In order not to make a mistake, it is advisable to take into account certain criteria: Ask the different companies about the projects they have already completed. Do they have experience on the topics you want to address or on your field of activity? What are their customer feedbacks? Are they satisfied with their services, do they recommend them? Develop a complete set of specifications. Companies are used to sending incomplete requests that do not allow the agency to fully grasp the issues and propose an adapted offer. It is essential to take the time to draw up a detailed specification; Compare the offers, ask for several quotes, ask for details on the different services to be able to compare; Take into account the response time of the agency. If the agency does not answer quickly or needs to be contacted again to send a quote, it is better to pass; Check that the agency has a good understanding of your expectations; A good web agency will know how to go further than what you ask, it must be able to advise you and bring you new perspectives; It is useless to choose the most expensive price as dangerous to prefer the cheapest price. By comparing, you will be able to choose the one that offers the right price; One element not to be neglected is the relationship with the agency's professionals. Are they accessible and educational? Do you trust them? The choice of a digital agency adapted to the needs of your company or your association is not easy. However, by drawing up a complete set of specifications that will help you determine your objectives, you will be able to make a relevant choice that will allow you to develop your activity on the net.
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