The OVH data center in Canada

So soon an OVH datacenter in Canada. And yes, to offer hosting, you need space ... lots of space .... lots of servers. And installing thousands of servers in clean rooms in the Caribbean or in Africa is not a solution .... ecological, economic and in the air of time! So OVH has just signed for the construction of a data-center of more than 350 000 racks in Montreal. OVH, it's more than 2,000,000 domain names registered, the first French host and the 6th host in the world. As a reminder, OVH offers shared hosting and dedicated hosting, and benefits from increasingly favorable reviews. After a few difficult years, the recruitment of new technicians and especially of a reliable and serious technical support team has propelled OVH among the hosting companies that you can count on today. OVH already has branches in 16 countries around the world. And as noted in Canadian newspapers, the establishment and creation of this new data center in Montreal will allow the recruitment of new employees, still suffocating the team of technicians. These server farms are, according to many specialists, the future of hosting (also called Cloud) and will also allow substantial savings in terms of electricity consumption.


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