Tags in HTML5

HTML5 tags are more and more widespread and it is therefore important to know the main ones. I will not list here the complete list of HTML5 tags because it is long and the W3C standards will provide it. Nevertheless it is good to know the main modules. List of the most common HTML5 tags : DocType tag : This tag allows to inform the browser of the type of doctype used. The tag is written as follows: <!doctype html> Article tag : As its name indicates, it is the to specify an article, a text, a post or any other complete paragraph . It is used in the simple form: <article> Header tag : It means a section header or a whole page header . <header> Section tag : It partitions the different paragraphs or blocks of text with identical themes. Not to be confused with the <article> tag. This tag can be refined with <H> tags. nav tag : Navigation tag Searches list html5 tag html5 tag list html5 list prestashop doctype tag prestashop doctype doctype seo html5 doctype prestashop html5 tags suggests tag html5 tag complete list
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