Print media support digital marketing remarkably well

In the age of Web 2.0, even though everything is networked and customers can be specifically advertised and the almost unanimous opinion of experts tends to show that print media are hopelessly inferior to online media, this statement cannot be generalized. Because, at the moment, print media, such as business cards, flyers and many others, support, in a very visible way, digital marketing. After all, advertising must be done with the customer, even if he is not on the Internet.

Use print media in a targeted way

First of all, it makes sense that the advertising, which is not directed in daily newspapers and which only reaches a range of potential customers, is much broader than those in online magazines. Moreover, for years the number of newspaper readers has been decreasing and the age group that regularly consumes the most printed words is almost irrelevant for advertising. Therefore, it is no longer possible to advertise your company in these media. However, the print media is much more than just small pictures and snippets of text in newspapers. And to impose it, the printed marketing measure must find certain niches as in certain situations where it is impossible to imagine life without it. Thus, the often prophesied disappearance of this means of communication will not happen again, because there are times when it is indispensable. For example, if you are looking for a company in your area, today you usually use the internet and search engines. But, in the end, print advertising materials also bring the customer to their final destination by showing them the business on the website. The same goes for customer traffic jams and other marketing measures, such as in pedestrian areas.

Connecting customers with tangible advertising material

Of course, the print medium cannot be brought out of its supposed obscurity with this case study. But since we are talking about communication marketing, the material to communicate must be tangible. Thus, the medium whether it is in the form of business cards, brochures or flyers must also be taken into account. Of course, throughout the year, the Internet is a good digital means to acquire customers. But it happens and more often than not, potential customers meet companies at trade shows or conferences. These companies were previously completely unknown to them. Nowadays, you can no longer just write your own homepage on a piece of paper, hoping that the customer will contact you. In such face-to-face situations, it is imperative to have something tangible as a communication tool. Something that can be easily put in your pocket and that can be consulted, later on. With this method of communication, people then remember the situation. Maybe even more, because they will personally remember the person behind it. High quality materials, printed with the company name, leave a lasting impression. In addition, many people consider a business card, with a discreet, raised print, to be even more serious than a flashing banner on the Internet.

Digital marketing is not the only solution after all

Of course, digital marketing can be targeted and reach people everywhere. However, it has become increasingly obvious, especially in recent years, that Internet users have a rather negative attitude towards advertising on websites. Consumers have come to realize that, unfortunately, they are actively assaulted, almost everywhere and 24 hours a day, to be advertised to. Of course, it is not possible to generalize about this, but modern web browsers have the ability to block almost all advertising with just a few clicks. And as soon as the Internet user gets tired of digital marketing measures, he will not see a single banner in this way. Of course, we still have to admit that print marketing is not much better. Those who don't want to consciously perceive the advertisement turn away, or they turn the pages or try as hard as possible to keep their eyes on the matter. However, the advantage of posters printed on lampposts, roadside banners or other classic advertising media is that they refer to local businesses. Those that they have an unconscious effect, despite the fact that they are diverted and can not simply be removed from the periphery of the supposed customer, with a program. Online advertising and print media are therefore by no means mutually exclusive. But, in reality, they must work together for an effective and successful marketing concept. Without a doubt, digital marketing has a wider reach and is more specifically targeted at customers, but print measures, on the other hand, tend to serve the local market. They serve to build customer loyalty. In some situations, therefore, no local business can afford to do without print media as the best communication medium.
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