Optimize your online marketing campaigns in 10 key points

Digital marketing today offers all the data you need to track online advertising investments in real time: visits, traffic and final conversions. All you need is the right skills to leverage the platforms, get the data, interpret it and plan future strategies. Let's discover the ten key points to improve and optimize your online marketing campaigns, making the most of your budget. Here are the operational skills you need to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns: web analytics, Google AdWords and social media, with a focus on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Relevant content is the key to visibility

Accurate, interesting, well-written: that's how your content needs to be to rank well and be found during navigation. Choosing the right channels and investing your budget may not be enough if the content on the net is not of high quality and accessible from different devices.

2. The undeniable laws of Google

Google SERP positioning can be a rather relative index. Search results vary depending on various criteria: geolocation, previous searches and browsing history, social links and shares, desktop or mobile device.

3. Graphic widgets to optimize your ads

To amplify the attractiveness of a site or content, there are a few graphic elements that are decisive in catching the eye of the Internet user:

4. The Limitations of Cookies

A cookie-based strategy can present some problems: privacy implications, limited duration, browser cache deletion, and blocking plugins are just some of the issues that can affect results.

5. Budget is not the only thing that matters

Investing in Adwords alone cannot guarantee you a good ranking in Google searches. In fact, the advertising platform provides a quality score that is independent of the budget invested, but which is crucial for the visibility of the ad.

6. Be creative with your ads

The best results come from original, creative and engaging communications. With this priority, Facebook's algorithm (the edgerank) takes a back seat as it changes, constantly redefining its parameters.

7. Exclusive social content

In order to keep your fans loyal to your social pages, you need to make sure that you deliver content with a unique and distinct value that cannot be found anywhere else. Only then will your social profiles become a reference, to inform or entertain you with new content, which deserves to be shared and spread further (without needing their sponsorship).

8. The relaxing approach

The world of social networks is not only about "likes", exchanging opinions, appreciation and sharing. Everyone has found themselves in a position to face flames, criticism and insults. The gentle, calming demeanor (which comes across as greetings and thanks) is one of the keys to improving your social marketing performance.

9. Your ads compete with each other

On Facebook, a higher quality ad means you spend less to achieve your goal. But what happens in the case of a group of ads? They're fighting each other for the same budget, divided based on the effectiveness of each ad.

10. Still room for improvement

In online advertising, you should never stop experimenting and testing new possibilities: an assumption you should always keep in mind. Even if you are satisfied with the performance, ads can always be improved, both in form and strategy. Through constant testing, you can shape the parameters of your ads and discover new ways to use them.
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