Online store to build customer loyalty with mobile applications

Customer loyalty strategies for stores can be quite varied and involve both online promotion such as custom website creation and the offline world: we have seen, for example, how guest blogging helps retailers to spread the word to other audiences and increase their visibility. Personalized shopping apps are very useful to retain otherwise fickle and unmotivated shoppers: the points accumulation feature when shopping is a valuable incentive to buy over time in order to access substantial discounts and attractive price catalogs.

Applications for stores: why are they so useful?

Developing apps, based on customers' needs and preferences to help them buy and pay quickly and easily, is a loyalty strategy we can develop to build an even stronger and more lasting connection with our audience. Offering useful features for mobile devices means reaching out to your users and showing them how you can bring real value to their shopping experience: online store access apps allow everyone to shop whenever they feel the need, not just when they are in front of the physical storefront. Helping your customers pay for their in-store purchases via smartphone offers tangible benefits and sets you apart from a competition that doesn't know how to embrace novelty. Competitors still rely on the usual sales methods, but you can leverage advanced geolocation strategies to intercept local customers, promote your social presence more effectively, schedule personalized messages with each purchase to make your customer feel like you care. Store apps cater to the needs of customers who don't want to feel obligated to travel with paper money in tow, and are extremely helpful in retaining new shoppers who have never entered our store before. For example, chain store apps make it easy to locate outlets in each city on online maps and provide information on the easiest routes to get there: so, with the directions that GPS can receive from multi-store apps, you can intercept visits from those who need to shop in the area where they are located, without having to invest in promotional ads to make themselves recognizable. Applications for stores are an effective communication and promotional tool on mobile that extends the shopping experience to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they allow to summarize in a single screen easily consultable the entire range of products on sale. You will surely have noticed that the typical customer rarely takes his eyes off the screen of his smartphone: bringing your product showcase to his cell phone means transporting the need to buy directly to the consumers' navigation, without interrupting their online shopping process, even on other platforms.

Store apps: the many ways to build customer loyalty

Online store applications are engaging, multi-sensory storefronts in which images, video and sound combine to create a unique, inviting and shareable interactive experience. With a simple tap, your customer can decide which product interests them the most, expand the display to discover details and features, discover promotions and special offers to take advantage of current benefits, and share their best buys with those who can appreciate them. Smartphone and tablet apps allow customers to manage the entire shopping process, check if orders have been properly processed and received, earn bonus points for access to premium catalogs. Business apps allow retailers to enhance online and offline promotions to keep customers buying from the usual, trusted brand. Bars, restaurants and eateries, for example, can signal special parties and occasions to celebrate, offer incentives to repeat customers and inform about special guests to engage the public. All of these forms of communication are part of a larger, more structured promotional plan, targeting both the online and offline dimensions.
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