Online sales: the importance of the customer experience

Today, it is not only the big brands that sell their products online. Thanks to the development of technologies, online sales players are growing exponentially. Online sales should offer customer satisfaction like all types of sales. The internet is one of the marketing tools of a company. You can launch your products online through customer experience. This makes it easy to achieve the goal of your business. To do this, it is first necessary to structure yourself in order to obtain commercial results through well chosen and studied tools and channels. These should be implemented and evolved with the same objectives as traditional sales. The second step to consider is to replace the usual sales paradigms (b2b or b2c or c2c), based on the sale of products that respond to consumer demands through an offer from the producer/distributor, with a new form of relationship, based on putting the customer at the center (c2b). In B2... the company leads, in C2... the customer leads the process.

How to implement the customer experience?

For a company to implement a customer interaction strategy, it must first be well structured. To do this, you need to have data that each individual is willing to give up if they see a return in terms of service from the brand to which that data is given up. In a world of oversupply, it is very important to offer a distinctive experience that leads the customer to choose your customer experience. This strategy consists in knowing the customer and offering him what he really needs. For this, the key figures of the company must share this change process, combining IT, marketing and financial skills, to produce a sustainable change. The combination of these factors leads the relevant business players to adopt/build new processes and solutions, with a strong focus on data measurability to accurately design the consumer.

This process, which needs to be planned, analyzed and tested, is called "Customer Journey"

Designing a customer journey adapted to your customers means observing their behavior and designing technological processes capable of automating the treatment of the customer, the communication activity towards him, adapting the behavior of the platform to the characteristics of the customer who, during his customer journey, "gives" this information to the supplier.

How can you develop this type of strategy in your company and guarantee a winning approach to consumers?

The simplification of the shopping experience, generates a continuous relationship also of omnichannel type (not only online but also offline), which allows to establish the relationship with the customer. You will be able to weave a customer relationship by gaining customer loyalty through online touch points. The customer experience thus allows for optimal customer satisfaction. The choice of efficient platforms leads to a growing knowledge of the customer, useful to ensure an improved experience, as well as the possibility to serve the customer in an ever better way according to his needs and habits. For the above reasons, creating a consistent customer experience with your customer should be a business goal to focus on by investing in technology and expertise, as this is the true differentiating value of your business.
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