How to redesign your website?

The number of visits to your professional website is decreasing? You want it to be better referenced on search engines? It may be time to think about a redesign of your site! Like a facelift, this operation will allow you to display a new site on the basis of the previous one. Let's see how you can set up a redesign of your site.

What are the reasons for a redesign?

There are several reasons to contact a web agency for the redesign of a website. The most obvious one is the obsolescence of your website: it does not adapt in the right way to the screens of mobile browsers, or some of the components of your website, such as the images, do not display anymore. Another important reason to change your website is a change in your corporate identity: a change in logos, you have new products that are not listed on your website, or your company was eventually acquired. It is important that your site shows you as you are at the moment, it should not be more than three months since the last news published. Other reasons for a redesign may be SEO concerns, or views that are diminishing over time. It is generally recommended to change your site to make it better and more efficient, once every two to five years maximum. Click here for expert website design advice on how to proceed with your redesign.

What to avoid

Even if change is a good thing and will give your website a fresh look, there are still mistakes you should not make. Take the time to think about an original design for your website that reflects your business and avoid fads, which will make your website obsolete much faster than expected. If you contact a digital agency to redesign your site, be sure that they modify the current site and do not create an entirely new site. Search engines like Google reward older sites and it would be a shame to lose SEO points because of your new site. In the age of social networks that have changed the way we use the internet today, you have to keep in mind that visitors will want to communicate with you through your site: they will have questions about your products, applications to join your structure, or even that competitors will ask you for web development advice when they see your brand new site. Chatbot technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and it is a good way to answer basic questions from your visitors. Finally, the last detail to keep in mind is communication: your new site is online, but new visits won't magically arrive at your doorstep. You need to communicate on the other platforms of your company the imminent arrival of your new site and make it an event, both internal and external. You need to spread the word and get new visitors to come to you.

Can I do the redesign myself?

Your cash flow is surely closed for the year and this kind of expense will surely not please your accountant. If you have designers and developers on your team who can be supervised by a project manager specialized in website creation, you can very well try to do a redesign by yourself. But be aware that web agencies specialize in this kind of tasks today and using your resources for this purpose would be wasting the potential of your teams to work on real projects of stakes for your structure. Moreover, internal projects are often difficult to realize because you won't have a feedback from an external point of view to comment the progress of the work.
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