Cursors in websites: advantages and disadvantages

The term cursor is an acronym that, in some database programs, refers to the current set of records. When selecting a set of records, this program is called the current set of records. The selection is usually made using the pointing device, although some programs may also use the arrow keys and arrow keys on the keyboard.

What are cursors in web pages?

A site cursor is a position indicator on a computer screen where a user can enter text. It is also a visible and movable pointer in an operating system with a graphical user interface, which the user controls with a mouse, touch keyboard or similar input device. Using the pointing cursor and special input buttons, the user determines where the position indicator cursor will be, or selects a specific program to run or file to display. The pointing cursor is usually an arrow, and a flashing underline or vertical bar is the text entry position cursor. Most operating systems allow the user to select another appearance for the website cursor. The cursor arrow turns into a small html image of a hand pointing in the Windows operating system when it moves or hovers over a specific object. This is usually the case when the cursor moves over a web page as a URL or html via a text or image link. The cursor turns into an hourglass image when the system launches a requested program, or when a web page loads after the user clicks on a link like Firefox or Google.

What are the benefits of website sliders?

You can use the website cursor to perform line processing, so you can perform validation or operations on each line. Sliders can include the first few rows before assembling the entire result set. The entire result set should be delivered without using cursors before a row is displayed by the application. Thus, a better response time is obtained by using the cursor. If you make an update to your application without using cursors, you must send separate SQL statements to the database server for the changes to be applied. This can create concurrency problems if the result set has changed since the client queried it. This actually increases the risk of missed notifications, so the cursor provides better concurrency control. Sliders can be looped faster than a moment, but with more overhead. Make an impression in the hero area. Enhance the impact of the overall design and experience. Show attractive users before the main content. Provide useful visual material for content, display not one, but two or three new additions or popular offers. Grab the attention of the user and focus on one section. Display text snippets elegantly and discreetly, enrich the content with information in the reading flow. Create a promotional landing page. It enhances modern storytelling experiences, especially those that need to cover a lot of information.

The disadvantages of cursors in websites

A poorly made mouse cursor is considered bad by search engines. It can easily ruin your SEO scores. The slider can slow down the website, not only does this negatively influence the user experience, but it is also bad for search engines, as Google or Firefox considers website speed as an important criteria for ranking. Clicking on carousels or CTAs on slides, people don't like. Therefore, they are almost useless for increasing conversion rates. Too many options can confuse customers and make them even more hesitant. The icon slider may not work well on small screens due to poor optimization. This can scare off the dominant android mobile audience these days. On a small computer screen, it can be difficult to interact with the content of the screen slider. Therefore, the carousel requires special styles and behaviors for cell phones and tablets. Some people view the sliders as banner ads, ignoring them altogether. If the browser does not support JavaScript or some modern CSS features, the website slider can break the whole design and structure. Sliders on most iconic websites do not meet accessibility requirements, making them blind spots for people with disabilities.
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