All about the costs of email marketing campaigns

Between the technological costs and the human costs, you need to understand how much an email marketing campaign costs. Moreover, you need to know if what they say is true while checking if the chosen digital marketing channel is the most profitable in terms of profitability.

Email marketing costs little: the ROI tells us so

Studies on the ROI and benefits of email marketing campaigns abound, but the most authoritative ones agree on one fact: email is, to date, the marketing channel that generates the highest ROI with a score of 38:1. This quantification means that it generates 38 dollars for every 1 dollar spent. This result was found in the 2018 Marketers Email Tracking Study conducted by DMA and Litmus with a sample of 372 observations scattered around the world. However, this enthusiasm around ROI has a downside. Too often, companies treat metrics as a beacon, as a primary objective, directing investments and strategies accordingly with the sole purpose of keeping the 36.1 ratio stable or even increasing it and raising ROI. A paradoxical situation: the return on investment of email marketing is so high that it becomes the only parameter taken into account by companies, which leads to a limitation of investments. This is clearly an error of perspective, which can handicap the anticipation in your marketing campaigns.

The cost of an email marketing campaign

It is difficult to interpret the cost of an email marketing, because you cannot define in advance the price needed to manage all the activities related to the message. What is certain is that a business, large or small, will incur a number of costs. Then, it is perhaps useful to understand what are the macro-activities, to which correspond different orders of expenses. This understanding allows you to optimize your email campaigns, while aiming to increase your click-through rate. It is also important to know that email marketing is less expensive, while it admits a fairly large opening rate. Indeed, it is enough to identify the list of contacts and distribute the ads. The first step necessary to carry out a campaign concerns the organizational aspects: it is necessary to create a strategy of e-mail marketing, to insert this corporate communication in a wider program. Before understanding what to send, you need to understand why to send it. You need a strategy that can identify the objectives to be pursued, achieved and communicated. And this strategy varies depending on the objectives: do you want to launch a loyalty campaign to maintain the relationship with potential customers? Or a campaign that brings traffic to the site or blog? Or one to sell products or services? All of this needs to be clarified in the planning phase, which is obviously a human cost. Without this planning activity, your campaign will have vague objectives and less accurately measurable results.

The operationalization phase

On the operational side, you need to proceed with the creation of the email by carrying out the actual implementation of the campaign. Here, two profiles take over: the copy and the designer. The first will take care of the textual parts. As for the second of the design of the email, it is necessary to consider the care of the images and the graphic elements. The realization of the campaign is accompanied by another, no less important activity: the testing activity, which allows to verify which elements (texts, call-to-action buttons and much more) have a better return on the recipients and therefore will bring better results. This series of activities obviously also includes additional costs in terms of manpower.
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